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Fedi Nuril pictures

Fedi Nuril (born in Jakarta, 1 July 1982; age 26 years old) is a model, actor and member of music group Garage. Name Fedi known since starting play in the film Garage (2006), which starred band by the group. Youngest three are melejit blessing role as kachri novel in the film adaptation of Love Artist of the same title.

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* 3 discography
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Fedi its career model of the world. In addition to a model in the catwalk, Fedi also often appear as a star or a magazine cover ad. Accounting graduates from the University of Indonesia D3 is then get bids from Rudy Soedjarwo Pursuing movie star to the Sun (2004). After that, Fedi often play to the big screen, such as Is sweetbayag means? (2005) and Janji Joni (2005). Until the year 2006, Mira Lesmana take play in the film Garage (2006) with Ayu Ratna and Aries Budiman. In the movie, they told of meeting a member of music group Garage. Although the film has been completed, this band still exist.

Fedi name back into session in 2007, when Hanung Brahmantyo novel plan to film the work of El Habiburahman Shirazy Artist of Love. Fedi election as leader kachri invite controversy among readers fanatical Artist of Love. Since the Nuril previous movies Fedi show Fedi kiss with the woman not muhrim. [1] [2]

* Pursuing the Sun (2004)
* What means love? (2005)
* Janji Joni (2005)
* Garage (2006)
* About Love (2007)
* Ayat-Ayat cinta (2008)


Together Garage

* Garage OST (2006)
* Garage II (2008)

Gallery Picture Of Fedi Nuril

Fedi NurilFedi Nuril with green jacket

Fedi NurilFedi nuril with black dress

Fedi Nuril picturesSmile Fedi Nuril 1

Fedi NurilFedi nuril style

Fedi NurilFedi nuril with player Ayat-Ayat Cinta

Fedi NurilFedi style

Fedi NurilFedi taciturn

Fedi Nuril
Fedi Nuril with Love

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