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Foto Paha Mulus Marshanda Rok Ketiup Angin

Andriani Marshan or Marshanda or call an artist familiar caca born in Jakarta, August 10, 1989 was a soap opera player, models, advertising star, singer, presenter and Indonesia .. want to know Marshanda career, prepare coffee, food.

Not Like other artists, caca memulia Television work correctly - right from the bottom or practically started since he was a child. The eldest of three brothers Joseph and Irwan couples Riyanti Sofyan (as well as a manager Marshanda now) his career since he sat on the bench 1 SD. Inadvertently when aunt who was a famous model, Chitya Rustam to the agency inadvertently offered to come caca casting, and the result was caca terpiih be advertising stars of Bank Danamon. Further bids for the bid came in constantly to such caca, Filma, Cadbury eclairs, Supermi Garlic Chicken, Ice Mony, and many more ..



His career is not just posing in front of the camera, the other caca talent is singing. Chritina idolized artists Aguilera, Britney Spears and M2M loved singing it, which in turn have a chance to meet with Papa T-songwriter Bob a child - son of the famous, so that was a song made for Marshanda hits with his single "Hang Cita Cita" Papa's Creation T Bob used to Age 10 Years With Television Ads With Milk Bender Kusuma Chintya aunt.


His career also still exist until a few teenagers who soap opera popular at that time Bidadari, Bidadari 2, my family's eyes, the sad story of the day week and many more.


Bonus cekidot gan:) :





Caca in her personal life never having you with baim wong, the artist who played with him the a soap opera titled ramadhan "Soleha", but the relationship foundered amid the street because there was allegedly the third person of their relationship. After not too long caca find her mate is a VJ, or better known as VJ ben.

Full Name: Adriana Marshanda
Call Name: Marshanda
TTL: Jakarta, August 10, 1989
Father Name: Irwan Joseph
Mother's Name: Riyanti Sofyan
Child to: 1 of 3 brothers
Zodiac: Leo
Last Education: Elementary Islamic Tugaskus, SMP 216, SMA Labschool, Kebayoran Jakarta,
Favorite singers: Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, M2M
Favorite actors: Dude Herlino

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