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Foto Seksi Asti Ananta Pamer Paha Mulus dan Celana Dalam

Foto Seksi Asti Ananta Pamer Paha Mulus dan Celana DalamFull Name: Annastya Yuntya Eka Wardhani
Nick Name: Asti Ananta
Nationality: Indonesia
Place / Date of birth: Semarang, June 19, 1984
Sign: Gemini
Father's Name: H Hendra TW
Mother's Name: Hj Yuntianungrum

Achievements & awards:
1. Top Guest Aneka Runner (1999)
2. Sunsilk Girl & Girl Tiara Tiara Favorites (2000)



Asti Ananta Pamer Paha Mulus



Asti Ananta So Sexy.


Foto Asti Ananta Upskrit

Asty start a career in the entertainment world's land after being selected as champion II Top Guest Aneka (1999) and also selected as Sunsilk & Tiara Girls Girls Tiara Favorites (2000). With these victories, the Asty into the art world role. Some patron who had dibintanginya among other Ksatria Antipolo, as dreams, blood creations, I Commercial, and Love Child Campus. Asty also had to play feature films entitled for (2003) upbringing director Asun Mawardi.

In addition, the first of three children from families with H. Hendra and BT Hj Yuntianungrum it, also appear in the event Ketawa Evening (Transtv), Progran ESQ (NTI), and a number of FTV. Asty also driving programs compete Dangerman music talent, KDI in FAP.

Asty been following the reality that pair celebrity Preventions Dangerman with non-Dangerman, complete Mendut 2 (For complete Dangerman 2 in ANTV) with a pair Vety Vera. They successfully reached the final round, [1], but I seized by the duet victory Julia Perez-Cintya Sari. [2]

Asty love story really colorful. Women bertinggi body is 168 cm had formed a love with Yuliansyah. Mengemparkan parting them slightly because Asty allegedly 'do pengeroyokan' pacarnya against it. However, it then be debated by Asty with pengacaranya, Ruhut want.

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