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Sexy Pictures Indonesian Model Eline Santie

In two's the idol liver produces prolonged trauma. He so carefully chose a replacement. Although not want a protracted in solitude, in fact he was only able to provide 30 percent of the content of his love. The rest, for just in case. In fact, in terms of aggressiveness to make love, he is very dominating. Perhaps because he was so confident with a beautiful ass and the two gingsulnya? Or because groggy when assessed handsome man?
Santie, Wine & Connections

Pursue entertainment world, especially the model, not an easy thing for these exotic-looking girl. Although the family is not approved, Santie remain firm and confident in his stance. Wilderness of the world began to model her tapaki from his homeland, Pontianak, West Kalimantan, almost seven years ago.

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Foto Seksi Model Indonesia Eline Santie

Sexy Pictures Indonesian Model Eline Santie

Than just try, to be serious. Before the move to Jakarta a year ago, the girl was born 24 September 1985 never even tried the stage catwalk and a number of cafes in Kuching, Malacca, Kuala Lumpur and several other cities in Malaysia.

In the midst of busy life stages up the fashion show, Santie continue to hone themselves. Start of study in the field of presenters to acting snitch on-screen and widescreen movies.

Sexy Pictures Indonesian Model Eline Santie

Sexy Pictures Indonesian Model Eline Santie

Sexy Pictures Indonesian Model Eline Santie

Unmitigated, now he played in two movies at once. Although not yet got a big role, Santie expect a film titled 'Name Of Love' claim Rudi Soedjarwo and 'Horror' production maraih Indika it would succeed.

"I'm curious aja, want to see my acting on the big screen," said Santie who also played in the soap opera 'Cinderella', 'The romance of Youth', 'Hikayah', and 'Alert 1', this can not wait.

foto sexy Elena Santie

foto hot Elena Santie

Elena Santie wallpapers

By noon the roar of planes flying so loud sound. Every few minutes, alternating planes domestic routes from the West which pass through location shooting. A house is quite spacious and beautiful with green open spaces larger than the existing building. Mango, rambutan, petai, and several herbaceous plant thrives in the garden.

Shallow pond containing goldfish tens decorate the front side and rear living room family room. A few meters from the main house there is a swimming pool is equipped with a small gazebo for relaxing. Its existence as if it was able to ignore the roar of the iron bird right in the fontanel.

Elena Santie

Elena Santie

Truly a vacation home that is able to give birth inspiration for anyone who menyinggahinya. Included for exotic-skinned virgin who was posing for you. Her face was a blend of China, the Dayaks, and the Malays have made himself the privilege as a model. He even claimed to be proud of the strong differences in himself.

"The face of beauty with white skin is a lot. Beautiful face with sweet black like me, very rarely, "he said, smiling. Gingsul course which he has become invisible. "I never intended to pull out, but the risk is not unique to smile again. Cancel deh. Better like this, "adds Lukman Sardi and Letto admirer of this.

Although only the first section was photographed with makeup, Elena Santie, so he wrote his name, did not feel deg-degan. The model has a 168 cm tall and weighing 45 kg was consistently acted like a professional. Throughout the demands of the scenario he was willing to do their best. Keprofesionalnya also shown with no negotiations took place while shooting.

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