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Anita Hara Sexy Pose at Popular Magazine

Anita Hara is an advertising model and sinetron staring Indonesia. It there are many gets acting with role that protagonis, so Psychology grad girl this Atmajaya's University not just after' controversial' deep acting at sinetron.

Born in Jakarta, March 29, 1980, Anita often is claimed to look sexy still want to continue to learn in terms of acting, including the shooting of a friend at the scene.
From acting, try out the presenter Anita. He is believed to bring the show KASAK infotainment gossip and F1 racing sporting events.

Anita Hara Sexy Pose at Popular Magazine

Anita Hara Sexy Pose at Popular Magazine


"From the gossip girl is cute, he was transformed into a sexy dominatrix. Anita Hara Now the other side open to you. "
This is a beautiful woman who once blew a kiss every morning diligently on the screen for you and at night to appear fierce and cruel, but still tempting. Indeed, as the entertainer Anita Hara always try to perform its role with the full totality, thus easily transformed from gossip girl he's sweet in the morning through the show "KISS", a 'Jeng Ishkan', executor of the celebrity in "Star Shows." A series of soap operas had already dilakoninya, ranging from melancholy drama, to comedy slapstick.


There are many more cards to be played Anita to attract your attention. Now we give you the opportunity to understand the woman out in this section ...

Anita Hara Sexy Pose at Popular Magazine

Anita Hara Sexy Pose at Popular Magazine

Now we hear is preparing an album, after a long career in the world presenting and soap operas, why now jumped into the world singing?
Yes, more or less so. It's music had become my hobby since the first. Incidentally, this time I got an offer, yes I have tried.

Have an obsession in the world of music?
No matter what I tekuni, usually my focus. I click on the totality of my work. So when I jumped into the music, I want to be a singer who has the ability that can be accounted for and exist of course.

ANITA HARA sexy model

Before entering into the world of music, never seen the terrain? It is said that this time the music industry was slow.
In my opinion, the market remains the same. Only now many soloists, as well as a new group and each gives the listener a choice. I think the competition was only natural for a healthy walk. It's so creative industry. We must be observant to read the market. Now is the trend of easy listening beat, then we work though the maximum.

Anita hara Hot Model

ANITA HARA actress Model

ANITA HARA sexy actress

ANITA HARA indonesian hot Actress

Usually what you do for experimentation in music?
Most important to study the development of times, so it is not left behind with the new stuff that appeared and accepted listeners.

The trick?
If I usually pay attention to the senior singers and musicians. I identify what new things they created on their latest wor

Bravo! We like the spirit of Anita. As a multitalented artist, do not learn from the experiences of others that when a serious artist in music, another career was almost faint. Example KD and Titi DJ.
It must choose. That the consequences of living. It's hard to run all our wishes and all success.

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