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Foto Model Hot Elsa Krasova in Lingerie

Become a model and elaborate world of entertainment is not a sideline activity for Elsa. Fortified participated in various races, and finished second predicate of 'The Rich Model', the girl who has a chest size of 36 C was steadily climbed the professional in the entertainment industry.

After starring in soap operas and several times graced numerous magazines, this Beyonce steady admirer called her profession as an actress, model and photo model.

Some soap opera that starred, among others, 'The Rich', 'Hidayah' Road To Thy Name ',' New Guard Beach ',' Ghosts must Pass', as well as guest stars in the comedy show 'Ngelaba'. "I like 'Mr Bean'. "I like to joke and loves to make people laugh," she said of his involvement comedy filled show.

Elsa Krasova wallpaper

Elsa Krasova sexy pictures

Elsa Krasova hot pictures

In addition, Elsa also likes to create songs, especially berthema love. Some women who claimed to track the creation of this romantic recognized based on personal experience. In particular, initially running love affair ended tragically sweet. 'I do not yet know when it is realized because the notes can not,' she added.

In the midst of this solitude, Elsa admitted eager to have a lover. However, because he has character does not like to be approached, that desire is difficult to realize. Elsa admitted rather hunt than be hunted. Mysterious male figure, cool and generate curiosity acknowledged to be a challenge to be approached. Only when a man is hit by arrows of romance that she let go, Elsa admitted to not want to continue.

Elsa Krasova

Indonesian sexy model - Elsa Krasova

"I'm not ready," she said briefly. Experience in two ex-lover's broken heart and never made her hate men. Although it no longer made an impression but it is still difficult to get started. No wonder if there was a man close to him and then says 'love', Elsa directly to distance.

"But now is not so anymore. I'm approaches and search. Who the hell are stand alone, "she said philosophize.

Indonesian hot model Elsa Krasova

Despite being alone, Elsa smoothly talking about sexy. According to him, sexy is something that makes happy. But sexy can make the perpetrator is outside the range. "But if you do like both like, why not," she said.

But he claimed no memory of sexual experiences that create an impression. "I do not want to remember that begituan," she explained. Nevertheless Elsa admitted having a romantic place to visit with your partner will be. I love the ocean, the beach. Because I like to sunbathe, "she added.

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