Rabu, 27 Mei 2009

Dhea imut (Claudia Annisa) Wallpapers

Dhea Imut have the full name Claudia Anissa is a former artist hildren who now go adolescents. Dhea Imut born in Jakarta, 29 February 1996 initiated a career in the entertainment world since the age of two years. When the ad headline Dhea diaper baby. After that many ads are flooding the bid daughter pair Indra Kusuma and Masayu Chairani this.

In daily life, Dea said that he was a jovial girl, can not be silent and difficult to set the withdrawal to its contemporary girls.

Foto Dea Imut

dhea Imut are a newspaper is not fun. Dhea been involved in a prostitution. There are even video porno PLAYERS certain kind of face a similar Dhea. However, telecommunications observer Roy Suryo Dhea not sure if the 'star' video porno it.

incident is truly extraordinary trial. Kak Seto and parents to the Polda Metro Jaya to ask for legal protection.

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