Selasa, 26 Mei 2009

Tika Putri Hastari Wallpapers

Tika Putri is sinetron players and movie stars. Tika Putri is also often become a star video clips and video clips. one of them is a video clip D'Masiv in the pro title Di antara kalian.

Before becoming the sinetron, women with higher body is 1.68 meters career start as the star of ads.

Atika daughter or a more familiar called Tika Putri the film began his career in a friend's invitation to participate in casting.The art world seems to have no foreign women for the birth of Bandung 1 November 1989, the remains of the children he has the art world menggeluti dance. Tika piawai in modern dance and salsa.

Other collection Tika Putri wallpapers

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