Selasa, 26 Mei 2009

Putri Titian Asih wallpapers

Putri Titian Asih, nickname Titian or Putri Titian (born in Palembang, 7 April 1991) is the actress MTV Indonesia. His career ascended rapidly through the mini-series summersault Back Sissy World. In addition, Tian also played in FTV Ajari I Love Gita Gutawa together.

Not like the other ABG like prink, Putri Titian it does not feel comfortable if wearing make up. titian pleased that the style of dress to go to the mall. Putrii TiTiann confess often tactless if the event came in a marriage ceremony or other formal dress with elegant style of adult women. Therefore he prefers to come to the wedding dress that is simple.

Other collection Putri titian wallpapers

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