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Foto Seksi Bra & Celana Dalam Cathy Sharon

Full Name: Catherine Sharon Gasnier
Nick Name: Cathy Sharon
Nationality: Indonesia
Place / Date of birth: Jakarta, October 8, 1982
Sign: Libra
Father's Name: Thierry Gasnier
Mother's Name: Hilda Limbara
Hobbies: collecting concert tickets

*English Literature National University (Graduated 1991)
*London School of Public Relations

Catherine Sharon Gasnier

Catherine Sharon Gasnier

Catherine Sharon Gasnier

Catherine Sharon Gasnier

Catherine Sharon Gasnier

Sexually arousing photographs when Cathy Sharon wearing a sexy swimsuit and circulated widely on the Internet. But for this presenter circulation of the pictures were not a major problem for her articles in Cathy's sure it's not the original photo.

"I just look at that picture. It's not underwear, but the swimsuit. I was given just one follower know if there's a picture I looked like me. When I go, wow cool picture. What is clear nge-gym I need to get it. From his different aja . Obviously if photoshop. But if I'm here for clarification was not me. First, the body I'm not that good. more big waist. Then, a picture really brave, I have not dared to photograph like that. The body like that pretty cool huh? Might still have The following photos? " Cathy said that existed Mediterranean Golf Clutser, Sentul City Bogor, West Java, on Thursday (1 / 4).

When asked about legal action, it appears that Cathy did not think too necessary. "That's what friends are journalists, so could you know through the media. I've also never said that Internet media is free really. From the first person to make the internet, it can be discovered that can not be enclosed. The Internet can be either positive of negative. I see the advantages the Internet. I can not go without the internet now. Without email, chat, or twitter, "She said.

"And I'm not the first person who made the photo like this.'s Brother I never hit, and Mulan also. I just love to know the media only if the photo does not Bener. Just Thank and think there are to do so," she added.

Julie Estelle's brother was certainly felt disadvantaged. "If you feel harmed you can be sure. The people who know, often, and the cooperation I was luckily people like what I know. So they are not easy to believe," explained Cathy who asserted that he would never photographed wearing sexy clothes.

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