Sabtu, 24 April 2010

Ratu Felisha Hot and Very Sexy

Full Name: Ratu Felisha Renatya
Nick Name: Ratu Felisha
Nationality: Indonesia
Place / Date of birth: Jakarta, October 16, 1982
Sign: Libra
Father's Name: Ari Tubagus Yasin
Mother's Name: Freya Rekardini
Education: Faculty of Communication, University Dr Moestopo Jakarta
Favorite Colors: Pink, blue and beige

Ratu Felisha

Ratu Felisha

Ratu Felisha

Ratu Felisha
Ratu Felisha Sexy woman

Ratu Felisha

Ratu Felisha

Ratu Felisha

Tatto Ratu Felisha
Ratu Felisha

nii gan fose Ratu Felisha di ranjang @film kain kafan perawan . so very sexy . ehmm :)

Ratu Felisha name starts to be known by public while this pretty girl gets naughty pose at men special magazine FHM.Ratu Felisha was born at 16th October 1982 it also gets hot poses with its friend, even all is done just as collection of person doesn't consume common, but Pandemonium is annoyance a friend, hot photographs Ratu is scattered at Internet and so hunting netter.

Starting career as model as, more woman familiar called Feli this have headlined severally sinetron, even its name starts to bounce up while she plays at Buruan Cium Gue film one that finds time to invite circle sort criticism on 2004 ago, since assessing to have bad influence on kawula young.

Besides film, Feli also engaged in a few sinetron as ABG, Cecep, Karunia-Mu, Udin Pe'Ak, Habibi dan Habibah, and many film as Sweet 17, Ada Bayi Di SMU, dan Kuntilanak.

Pictorial tattoo owner crown at hinder, and image tattoo bounds in chain at left ankle and one at this hidden place have had a daughter adopts named Dasha Godiva, already been looked on its as daughter its own.

Feli's name returns to adorn final media 2006, while is her is engaged hitting case on Andika, one that also jazz Andien's singer lover. Even Feli and Andhika have is of the same mind to make peace, but Feli makes a abode to have trust its conduct passes a law.

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