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Foto Artis Indonesia Alexandra Gottardo

Alexandra Gottardo beauty photo, image and picture gallery. Alexandra Gottardo who is usually called Ria or Xandra was born January 9, 1985 in Malang the cold city, East Java, Indonesia. Alexandra Gottardo is an Indonesian model with beautiful face and sweet smile, Indonesian actress, beautiful presenter, film actress, star model, beautiful model, celebrity model, charming model, top model, famous women, top women, Indonesian celebrity, amazing women, beautiful and charming women. She has a beautiful and charming face, natural beauty, sweet smile, beautiful black eyes, black hair, thin lips, beautiful skin, slim and perfect body, constellation: Capricorn. The first and only daughter from Carlo Gottardo and Banik Ekawati has starred few of television series, such as Dan, Karena Cinta, Si Yoyo, Cinta Memang Gila, Cinta Remaja, Makin Sayang, Malin Kundang, Intan, Penyihir Cinta, Maha Cinta, Cinta 2020, Sherina, Roman Picisan, and Perempuan. This Italian-Indonesian blooded women who likes reggae and latin music has also supported Anak-anak Borobudur and Medley Film (2007). Alexandra Gottardo on beautiful photoshoot

Alexandra Gottardo

Alexandra Gottardo

To provide the highest quality in his film, Tanah Air Beta, Alexandra Gottardo willing to sully his white skin. He felt that blacks could have a more integrated with its role of Atambua. In addition, Alexandra studied for two weeks of local languages in order to mingle with the community and immerse yourself in the role.

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Alexandra Gottardo

Alexandra Gottardo

Alexandra Gottardo

Met at Planet Hollywood, South Jakarta, Monday (14 / 6), tells her role as mother Tatia ' Tanah Air Beta film' is an experience that is valuable. "The experience is very good for me to see. This situation is very worrying. Apparently, there are circumstances like that in the year 2010, such as human beings are not dimanusiakan. Probably at the time as before independence. there as there is a crisis in all areas.'s education crisis, food crisis and health crisis, "she said.

To darken the skin, Alejandra decided Atambua sunbathing in the sun. "I do not mind my diitemin skin. Atambua enjoy the notebook, the weather was quite hot. So gampanglah. Just as they may be spotted and cracked to be assisted by the makeup," she said. He was accustomed to sunbathing in Bali. In fact, the artist born in Malang, January 9, 1985 was to stain the skin.

In addition to Black, Alexandra is also not worried about contracting malaria in endemic disease there. "It's still baseball malaria medication. Anticipates by paya leaves vegetarians," she said. He spent about three weeks in Atambua. On the problem of language, she did not bother much.

"When the time came to speak there, I think people already there. So do not talk about Indonesia," said

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