Rabu, 18 Agustus 2010

Foto Model Hot Intan Maya Sexy in Swimsuits

Intan Maya

Intan Maya

Intan Maya

Intan Maya

Chit Chat with Intan Maya :

Impressions of you after following the swimsuit photo by Popular Magazine?
Crazy hot, hehehe .. tired but very fun.

Since when do you like being photographed?
During junior high I've really liked the photo, continue to go up to the high school and until now I've really enjoyed it.

What makes you like being photographed?
I liked the one expression, and by me with images I could express myself, especially with the sexiness of me, hehehe ..

What do you think about the theme of this swimsuit?
Very pleased, especially for Popular Magazine yes although it should be basking in the sharp rocks but I really enjoyed it.

Once someone bids nude photos?
Never and very often people offered me to photograph naked. But I immediately reject it subtly, not to, afraid to inquire on the Internet.

You played in many movies and FTV. There is not the most memorable for you?
The movie 'Virgin Shroud'. In the film I play a role as a sexy nurse. Because should wear super sexy to the point that I did not feel that my underwear folded and looked up the movie aired, hahaha. I'm ashamed really mad at my friends who were teased.

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