Sabtu, 21 Agustus 2010

Foto Seksi Model Majalah Popular Renie Renza Part 2

Renie Renza Indonesian Sexy Model Pictures

Renie Renza

Renie Renza

Renie Renza

Renie Renza

Renie Renza

Chit Chat with Renie Renza

Had vacuum of entertainment, and busy working as a secretary, now Renie Renza diligently explore the colorful sea of entertainment. The woman who starred in the soap opera ‘Rahasia Illahi’, ‘Hidayah’, Di Atas Sajadah Cinta’, ‘Inikah Cinta’, dan ‘Rimba’
describes how her impression when she played a lesbian. Seduced, holding hands, hugs with fellow women, almost sent a kiss.

"As you assess what you personally?"

"I'm very easy going person, I love the challenge. Actually panic, but do not seem to panic. I was mostly silent, continue to falter, hesitate, according to the stars, Libra. I do not like doing things that do not make sense.

"You seem ambitious type?"

"Very ambitious. I'm ambitious, more schools take the Hubungan Internasional (HI) Right now I'm undergoing a course at the British Institute, take a general conversation during the three weeks, Every day. I do this to keep the crash an entertainer.

Entertainer's not forever, there are times when maybe we dilapidated. If you've never dilapidated brain if always sharpened. During this run the entertainment I mostly rah-rah, sometimes think, too, the brain is not been sharpened.

First time's always been honed working. Almost eight months, I've never read the book, see the email. Oh my God, really stupid, late brain can think. Therefore I intend to take HI 2007. I used to love the law, but he said a girl if I were a lawyer, spooky, he ... he ... did not ya? Not really, I'm glad to see successful women, like Keke Harun,, she's really a career woman, but entertainers as well. "

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