Sabtu, 01 Agustus 2009

Gossip Ussy Sulistiowati Di hamili Oleh Andhika Pratama

Gossip overwrite the artist Ussy Sulistiawaty this time is really unreasonable. Ussy made an impression in the middle of a two-infotainment. However, with the firm Ussy disprove it.

"There is news on the infotainment that I have been pregnant and married siri with Andhika. And I in a gossip have been married without their parents blessing. That's all not true," said Ussy when found at the meet the press together with Andhika Pratama in residence Adrie Subono in Jl Metro Parks Nature, Pondok Indah, South Jakarta.

Ussy and Andhika confess disappointed with the weight of one of these impressions infotainment. According to both the narrative form of news broadcast untrue.

Ussy Sulistiowati
"I and Ussy very disappointed. Because there is no news interviews and any statements from us both. But suddenly the news already have a marriage siri Ussy Sulistiawaty with me," said Andhika.

Both ask all media to act professionally and uphold the code of journalistic ethics. Ussy and Andhika revealed that their families are not comfortable with telling it.

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