Selasa, 04 Agustus 2009

Mbah Surip Penyanyi Tak Gendong Meninggal|Died

Mbah Surip, singer enough fenomenal in Indonesia have died in the journey to the hospital Pusdikkes TNI AD, Kramat Jati, East Jakarta. Mbah Surip clay arrived in the RS Pusdikkes 10:30 WIB, and by dr. Tias. Up to now has not been definitely known causes of death Mbah Surip.

Icon Mbah Surip with a typical width laughter ha-ha-ha ... typical reggae hats and colorful red, yellow, green and appeared to adhere to even take it off.

According to dr Septiningtyas, one of the doctors who handle Mbah Surip in RS Pusdikkes,East Jakarta, is still the leader Surip attribute khasnya stated that when the dead. Besides hat reggae, Mbah Surip wear brown T-shirts and shorts young.

Although can not be sure, the doctor said, the most likely Mbah Surip died because of heart attack.when taken to the hospital, or the eyeball pupil already broad.

To be able to check, should be made otopsi. However, doctors do not do so because otopsi must have approval from the family or the police.

reviously, on Sunday night (2 / 8),Mbah Surip had fainted due to exhaustion after the debut in Yogyakarta. Mbah Surip was born in Mojokerto, East Java, that are in demand after the sweet song "Tak gendong" became popular in the community,especially Indonesian people..

Men called original Urip Ariyanto this is fenomenal. The song "Tak Gendong" that is able to change the simple fact of life Surip leader of a street musician miliarder. Mbah Surip fortune not only from the sale of the tone row, it also contracted for a home production with star sinetron honorarium Rp 5-25 million per episode.

Up to now it is still blond gimbal contracted a simple house in the village of Artists, Cipinang, East Jakarta.

Here is a video song memories left by Surip champion for its fans with the title Tak Gendong, where the video comes from this song sharing site youtube

Video lagu tak gendong mbah Surip

Mbah Surip champion with the death of the plan is a troubadour style of Bob Marley to buy Helikopter from the sale of RBT be reached only 4.5 billion Rupiah stay memorable.

Farewell Mbah Surip, Tak gendong song will be pickaback always reminded by your fans, hopefully get a decent place in the side of the earth.

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