Selasa, 11 Agustus 2009

Video Marshanda Di youtube Kelihatan Gila|Stress

Video Marshanda Kelihatan Gila|Stress, dari wajahnya terlihat marshanda seperti sedang kacau... coba dech lihat sendiri...

The video shows Marshanda access into tears arise on the Internet. Marshanda a chargeless shirt to bed that sing the song 'Hurts' acreage of Christina Aguilera.

In the video, the alpha of its Marshanda appears to chase the singer songs by Christina Aguilera that, not continued ago and again started arrant and sob.

Even so, Sadly, VJ Ben admirer this several times until the besom abroad his tears.

A video that shows the star sinetron and performers are Marshanda rage criticaster friends become his primary debate hot gossip artist in the last day.

Although the video has been removed by the owner, but to far more people are still curious to see the video snippets concerned.

Artists Cathy Sharon is also one of the persons who may be curious to see angry scenes done by Marshanda in the video, even Cathy, are more interested to see the video Marshanda than polemic Miss India who is a warm coverage.

In addition you may Cathy is one of the curious to view the video Marshanda rage in Youtube? But unfortunately the video has been missing from the virtual world.

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