Rabu, 26 Agustus 2009


Video recording Michael Jackson entitled Living (MICHAEL JACKSON MASIH HIDUP) circulating on the internet.

Video Recordings Michael Jackson is still alive (masih hidup) is displayed on the site Youtube, Thursday, August 27, 2009. Video is displayed with the duration of 0:29 seconds.

The scene in the video shown during Michael Jackson's body was taken in an ambulance from UCLA to the autopsy location . The ambulance carrying the body of the Maestro's Jacko white and marked 'Coroner' on the back.

for more details you can see yourself on the video youtobe below

Video Michael Jackson getting out of the coroner van ALIVE (details in video description)??

Video Michael Jackson alive?! Seen coming out of coroner's van!

Video Is Michael Jackson Alive !? Seen coming out of coroner's van! Hoax Or Real Deal?

Video Michael Jackson DEAD BODY MOVING in the helicopter during the transport to coroner??

according to a site (michaeljacksonsightings.com), it is mentioned that Michael Jackson could not afford the debt, legal charges, contract crowded, and so on. For this reason, from the same source, mentioned that a person who becomes Michael Jackson should be made 'dead' to Liberate the artist Michael Jackson actually to live in 'freedom'.

at the site in mention that, that the person who died had been ill for a long time, and then operated on her to be like Michael Jackson, even fingerprints are also suitable.

The death of Jackson. Like the 911 emergency call made from Jacko Mansion at 12.21pm, half an hour after Dr. Conrad Murray Jackson found the body of an unconscious and then the doctor gave CPR or artificial breathing. Jacko's body arrived at UCLA Medical Center at 1:14 am local time and then the team of doctors and kardiologis check for 1 hour, until they gave up and announced his death at 2.26pm. Jacko's body was taken to the helicopter and will be moved to the LA County Morgue in 35 to 45 minutes. So WHA

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