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Foto Seksi Belahan Dada Ade Fitria Sechan

Ade Fitria Sechan Ready 'Comeback'

Long not been heard from Ade Fitria Sechan, photo model and MTV VJ 90s era was ready to return to the entertainment world. Back into the world of entertainment options chosen by her husband after the marriage foundered, and returned to Indonesia.

"Since getting married, I did move in Singapore. There's just stay with my husband and children. It's really through it myself because I'm raising my two without a helper," ahe said when met at Studio Palem, Mampang, Jaksel.

Belahan Dada Ade Fitria Sechan

Belahan Dada Ade Fitria Sechan

She decision to divorce, finally drove her back from the land of the White Lions into the ground water. "Initially heavy yes, I'm also sad. But most importantly my children with me. I do not want to be bothered taking care of property gono-gini. Well after in Indonesia, I could teach in an international kindergarten school. It's where my first son Rafi school. Because basically I love kids so yes I enjoyed that job, "she said on the sidelines filming Kejar Tayang.

Belahan Dada Ade Fitria Sechan

Belahan Dada Ade Fitria Sechan

Belahan Dada Ade Fitria Sechan

Dreams have their own schools, forcing the little brother of Sarah Sechan to re-do this job in the entertainment realm. "If the world is indeed time to do regular work. However, to save much more quickly. I hope to one day be able to manage my own school," she added.

Transitional jobs are of course makes two hearts must adapt again. "When a divorce, the children rarely see their father. Now I live here also work so rarely see. Actually, sorry, should be at home with the maid. But I give meaning to them, that moms need to realize their dream of saving. Like buying a car for mobility, and they understand it so instead give support if I go to work, "she explained.

Other support flowing from his mother and his sister, Sarah Sechan. "Sarah was just what you so much input. Because I'm old vacuum, so I can update the entertainment world from him," she concluded.

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