Kamis, 30 April 2009

Beware of virus attack Gpcode Files

Beware of new virus are sending your file name Gpcode.ak. attack almost any type of files you have.

Forms of attack this form of file encryption with 1024 bit encryption strength. Then, after the infected file Gpcode.ak this message will appear as a request to purchase the tool decrypted (to restore files that have been encrypted). Indeed, until now there has not been able to solve a 1024-bit encryption, but this attack is enough Gpcode.ak virus can still be with the technical know the attack.

Technical virus attacks, once an attack file the virus will create a new file with the additional suffixes. _CRYPT Which is a file in a 1024-bit encrypted. For example, before the original infected files: dokumen.doc, after the infected files: dokumen.doc._CRYPT
This virus does not directly change the file dokumen.doc be encrypted, but it creates a file encrypted with dokumen.doc._CRYPT name for the file and then delete the original dokumen.doc.

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