Kamis, 30 April 2009

PC Media Valkyrie Beta

PC Media Antivirus released a new Media PC Valkyrie Beta. According to the description of the README file included with the Beta PCMAV 2.0 Valkyrie, currently PCMAV 2.0 has been integrated module Cleaner & RTP. Cleaner is now no longer checking the memory / Windows start-up when the RTP has been active. As a result, the use of memory can be more sparing with the use of databases for viruses.

Unlike the PCMAV 1.9x which is still standing alone, loading PCMAV-CLN be faster if you have activated PCMAV-RTP. This is because PCMAV 2.0 Valkyrie Beta Cleaner module is to integrate it with the RTP, so that at the time of loading, process scanning process, registry and others do not.

Based on the comments in the website PCMEDIA, in fact many are not about the perfect PCMAV-RTP 2.0 Beta Valkyrie.

So you want to try that PCMAV 2.0 Valkyrie Beta, you should use PCMAV-CLN its first and only PCMAV-RTP 1.93 as auto protector it’s pending PCMAV 2.0 RTP is more stable. This is simply to keep your computer from damage.

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