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Alda Risma pictures

Alda Risma Elfariani / R Alda bint Farid R A (Bogor, 23 November 1982 - Jakarta, 12 December 2006) is a singer and stage of Indonesia. Women bertinggi body is 160 cm, especially through the popular song I Not Ordinary. He was also the boyband collaboration with the "Code Red". Alda Risma been engaged with Iwan Sastrawijaya, but for longer to Customize, rumpus small end braided love Iwan and Alda. Once the name is not heard, to appear again in the media when he experienced a traffic accident on 19 June 2006.

On 12 December 2006 Alda was found dead by hotel rooms. Whole body is filled with former injection. Alda died because of suspected summer. However, according to further analysis, called the death of Alda as a murder carried out by Ferry Surya Prakasa (brothers and sisters of the players patron Ferry Salim).

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Early life

Alda Risma born in Durban on 23 November 1982. Her mother named Halimah. He grew up in a small village in Bogor, south, the first known by the name Village Cikaret. Alda boyhood spent in a house on the edge of Road HH Cikaret 02/Rw 02 Neighborhood Cikaret, Durban South. Since 1980, Alda and his parents lived in the house.


He became popular through the songs I No Ordinary. He was also the boyband collaboration with the "Code Red". In addition, Alda is also a model.


* We Can Make It (With Code Red) (Single 1997)
I * No Ordinary (1998)
* Where the Kupilih (2001)
* Finally, the weeping (2006)
* Finally for (2007)


* Purification of the inscription (prod. Rapi Films / G-Unit in
* The arts Retak

* Neo Hormoviton

Gallery Picture of Alda Risma

Alda RismaAlda Risma 2005

Alda RismaAlda Risma Smile

Alda RismaAlda risma on cover 1

Alda RismaAlda Risma with green dress

Alda RismaGaze Alda Risma 1

Alda RismaGaze Alda risma 2

Alda RismaAlda risma on cover 2

Alda Risma
Alda risma in beach

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