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Anggun Cipta Sasmi (born in Jakarta, April 29, 1974, age 35 years) is Indonesian singer who now has French citizenship. Until now, it is still the only singer of a successful breach of the world music market. At this time he lived in Paris, France and Montreal, Canada to continue their international careers. Until 2005, he has successfully sold 22 million copies of internationalnya albums worldwide, [1] making it the most successful Asian artist outside Asia.

Boyhood and career in Indonesia

Anggun is the daughter of the couple Darto Singo, an artist of Indonesia, with the Dien Herdina, sorang housewife bloody palace of Yogyakarta. Anggun education basically in a Catholic school in Jakarta, although Anggun is a Muslim. Elegant living in a family full of art. Since the age of 7 years Anggun digembleng vocal exercises every day by his father. Anggun taught various techniques vocal exercises with full discipline. His mother then act as duty manager and receive orders for Anggun singing. At the age of 9 years, Anggun began to create their own songs-songs and albums they start children.

When turn age 12 years, Anggun released the first rock album, entitled I Got The World (1986). Album is published by the famous producer Indonesia, Ian Antono. First get an album that although not toss lumayan Anggun name. Anggun new name really meroket in 1990, after the release the album-titled single dream, followed Tua Tua keladi Scared and a big success in the market and melejitkan rock singer Anggun as teenagers on board. Anggun successfully achieve the award for "Most Popular Artist Indonesia 1990-1991." Anggun then launch both an album, Children White Abu Abu (1991), and then nocturno (1992), Anggun C. Sasmi ... Lah! (1993), and last of the Lost (1994). At the age of 19 years, Anggun has also successfully established their own recording company, PT Cipta Bali Record to release the album-album. In Indonesia, Anggun has successfully sold more than 5 million copies to the album at that time. Making it one of the most popular rock singer in the era of the early 1990s.

International career

Struggle towards international career

In 1992, Anggun married with a young Michel de Ghea, a citizen of France. Anggun met Michel at a tour to Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan. In 1994, Anggun is committed to realizing the dream of international artists. After selling the company rekamannya, Anggun Hijrah to Europe with her husband and leave all the popularity it has in Indonesia.

Anggun live in London, England for a year. During Anggun diligent in the UK send demo recordings to various studios in the UK. London in the Anggun experience "culture shock". Cash sales company rekamannya out little by little due to the high cost of living in London. Anggun also have to accept disappointment when all the demo recordings dikirmnya do not get a positive response. Anggun is ultimately up to the conclusion that his career will never grow in the UK and is planning to launch a career in another country. Anggun then decided to move to the Netherlands, where there are more people of Indonesia. On the way to the Netherlands, Anggun first layover in Paris, France, home of her husband. But then, Anggun intention to cancel the Netherlands and decided to settle and start a career in France.

In 1996, finally met with success Anggun Erick Benzi, a large French producer of the album never handle a number of famous performers such as Celine Dion, Jean-Jacques Goldman, and other Jhonny Hallyday. Benzi also attracted by vocal ability Anggun, and offer solo album recorded in France. After studying French at the Alliance Français during the month, and Benzi Anggun began recording the album.

After recording is complete, Sony Music France and is interested in recruiting Anggun as their recording artists. Not only that, also contracted in the Anggun 2 albums, the album speak French and English-language album.

[edit] Au nom de la Lune, Snow on the Sahara, and the success of international

24 June 1997 is a sacred date for when the album first Anggun Au nom de la Lune (Name of Month) removed to the French market. Anggun's first single, "La Neige au Sahara", get a place in French hearts peminat music even to Belgium, Switzerland, and Canada. Single track is noted as the most frequently played on the radio radio-France in 1997 and became one of the Hit Summer'97. The album that includes elements of pop sounds in traditional Indonesian instruments (drum, flute, candle) this successful mereguk success with sales more than 150,000 copies in France, makes a noble first Indonesian artist who has put his name in line with French artists who have .

The next year, Anggun released its first album in English, Snow on the Sahara. This album was released in more than 33 countries in Europe, Asia, and America. Especially for Japan, Indonesia and Malaysia, the album is released in a special edition titled Anggun (In Indonesia, along with the single titled "Return"). Single Snow on the Sahara was immediately become big hits. This single cut almost all of the songs in Europe during the 1998 to 1999. [2] Single this opportunity to reach position 1 in Italy, Spain and several countries in East Asia. In Europe, this single even successfully take on the Top 5 UK Club Charts, UK.

In the United States, Snow on the Sahara was released in May, 1998 by Epick Record. Anggun pace in the United States when he began appearing on the TV Rossie O'Donnel Show. Anggun also appear in the New York West 54th Session [3] [4] and peeled them were a number of media CNN, Billboard, and Rollingstone. Anggun also invited by Sarah McLachlan to perform at Lilith Fair stage, women's music festivals around the United States and became the only Asian singer to get the honor to appear at the ceremony divas Live in Las Vegas. However, Snow on the Sahara did not achieve success, which means in the United States and it sold only 200,000 copies. However, Anggun successfully created history to become the first Asian artist of the song that penetrate Billboard position # 16 in (7 years and then followed by Utada Hikaru). While the album Snow on the Sahara itself is in the position # 23 Billboard Heat Seekers Charts.

Album Snow on the Sahara has been successfully achieved a number of platinum in several countries with total sales exceeding 1 million copies the number in the world, as the artist Anggun Asia with the highest album sales in Asia outside (the record is still held up to Anggun at this time). Snow on the Sahara is also a tersukses Anggun albums throughout his career.

Désirs Contraires, Chrysalis

In 1999, Anggun officially divorced with Michel de Ghea. In September, 2000, Anggun released back both titled album Désirs Contraires (French version) and Chrysalis (English version). Anggun second album is still diproduseri Erick Benzi and Anggun write all the lyrics speak Ingggris. On this album, Anggun sponsor the first single "Still reminds me" for the international market and the "Un Geste D'amour" for France. Market for Southeast Asia, Anggun also released the single in Australia, entitled "The Me Wait." Single "Still reminds me" and successfully occupied the Top 5 in Europe Music & Media Brokers Breakers Charts and culminate Asian United Chart for several weeks. Unfortunately, Chrysalis is not released in the United States, although "Still reminds me" mengudara in some of America radio. However, this second album still multiplatinum albums and sold more than 1 million copies (in Italy successfully snatch Gold in the week).

At the end of 2000, Anggun get invitations to appear at the Vatican Christmas concert with Bryan Adams. In 2001, Anggun the first tour around Europe and Asia. Anggun's first concert begins at Le Bataclan, France on 1 February 2001 and ended in the Kallang Theater, Singapore on 30 April 2001.

Open Hearts, and the era of collaboration

In 2002, Anggun released the album Open Hearts is the original soundtrack from the film "Open Hearts" landing Danish director, Susanne Bier. This album also became the second album released in the Anggun the United States, although unfortunately failed in the United States market. This first album single, "Open Your Heart" was nominated for "Best Song" at the Danish Movie Awards 2003, and the Academy Awards. In addition to the Open Hearts, previous Anggun also contribute a song titled "Rain" to Dutch film soundtrack, "Anja and Viktor" (2001).

Throughout the years 2001 to 2003 Anggun also involved in many collaborations, including DJ Cam duet with jazz song in the "Summer in Paris" on the album "Soulshine" (2001). And collaboration with Deep Forest on the Sunda bercengkok song, "Deep Blue Sea" on the album "Music detected" (2002). In 2003, Anggun also perform duet with the famous Italian rock singer, Piero Pelù in single entitled "Immaginato amore." Single successfully occupied the position of this peak the National Italian Airplay Chart for a month. Collaboration with other Anggun Serge Lama and Tri Yann, in 2003.

In 2002, Anggun award winning "The Cosmopolitan Asia Women Award." And "The Women inspire Award" as the performers who gave inspiration to all Asian women over his career as a soloist of origin in Asia to a successful international world. In 2003, Anggun also received "The International Exhibition of the Music Industry", special award submitted directly by the French Minister of Culture, and the Diamond Export Sales Award for album sales figures that reached over 1.5 million copies outside of France.

In 2003, Anggun end cooperation with Sony Columbia. Anggun also decided to move to Montreal, Canada to broaden wings in the United States. Here also met Anggun and Olivier Maury with a mate, a political scholar in Canada and they were married in 2004.

Luminescence and Best Of

After nearly 5 years and does not release a studio album, Anggun back nostalgic treat the penggemarnya with Luminescence third album released in 2005. [5] Unlike the previous albums, the latest French and English released with the same title. Single for the first French edition of "être une Femme" was released early from the album and has dinobat as the Most Popular Songs of 2004 by Radio France International, an international radio station in France. For the English version, Luminescence sponsor 3 single, namely "In Your Mind," "Undress Me" and "Savior." This album also get a warm welcome in the Middle East, and "In Your Mind" and "Undress Me" reached the peak position on the ladder track Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and Lebanon. "Savior" is also selected to be the film soundtrack The transporter 2 and become hits in Russia, Greece and Italy. Anggun third album is no longer handled by Erick Benzi. On this album, Anggun has joined with the famous names in world music such as the French Jean-Pierre Taieb, Lionel Florence, Evelyn Kraal, and Jean Faque. This album is outstanding in all European countries, Canada, Japan, Middle East, and Southeast Asia. In June 2006, Anggun also hold large-scale concert in Jakarta with the header "Concert For Affairs" plateau up to 5000 visitors. [6]

Next year, Anggun Luminescence release repackage edition titled Luminescence - Special Edition. On this edition, Anggun insert three new songs. Newest single, I'll Be Alright has also played on the radio, when Indonesia recorded video clips on the sly in Jakarta and Bali in Indonesia is in the Anggun menyukseskan for konsernya. Anggun a photo book is included with every purchase of the album.

In 2005, Anggun received a prestigious award, "Chevalier des Arts et Lettres" from the French Minister of Culture for the career and contribution to the French culture in the world. Anggun also receive a special award from Anugerah Music Indonesia (AMI Awards) in 2006 as "Best International Artist." [7] is given Anugerah typical carve up the success abroad and the name of the music industry menaikan Indonesia and Asia in the eyes of the world. Anggun is also chosen as jurubicara for the UN program "Mikrokredit scheme" [8] as well as icons and the brand Ambassador for Audemars Piguet, a company luxury watches from Switzerland. [9] [10]

Marking 20 years career in the music world, Anggun released Best Of album in its year-end 2006. This album in addition to showing a number of international hits during his career, Anggun also mengaransemen back 3 songs lawasnya the first popular in 1990, the "Dream", "shadow shadow illusion," and "Scared." This album achieved Double Platinum in Indonesia, only within a month. Best Of Anggun album also released a list of Italy with a different track.


At the end of the year 2008, Anggun released album titled fourth international Elevation. This album colors play music ranging from urban hip hop, rap, R & B, and dance, far different from the albums Anggun previous color dominated world and ethnic music. [11] On this album Anggun menggandeng 2 producers have hands cold origin of the United States, Tefa and Masta. In addition, Anggun also collaborate with Pras Michel (The one of the Fugees), DJ Laurent Wolf and Big Ali. The first single from this album, namely "Si Tu L'avoues" for the French market, "Crazy" for the international market, and "So yours" for the Indonesian market.

Private life

Anggun married with a young Michael de GEA, a French citizen in 1992. This marriage seems less approved by the family because of the large age difference. Together with Michel, Anggun Hijrah to Europe and then to realize the dream. This pair lived in London (since 1995), and in Paris. Unfortunately after 7 years, this fall's wedding in 1999.

In 2003, Anggun met with Olivier Maury, a political scholar Canada. This relationship continues to the levels of the following year through a simple ceremony in Bali. Maury became manajernya. However, since the mid-2006 both relationships ended in divorce also.

Since 8 November 2007, Anggun dikarunia a daughter named Kirana's relationship with Cyril Montana. [12], a French author.

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