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Foto Andhara Early

Andhara Early Astrawinata (born in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, September 11, 1979; age 29 years old) is a TV presenter.

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He was born from Adilwan Astrawinata (father) and Narwila Narang (mother). Women bertinggi about 160cm is the younger brother of four-Her younger sister, namely Ariaputra Emir Astrawinata, Adindari Edvinari Astrawinata, and Alifputra Etienne Astrawinata. His father and marry Nourma Yunita.


He was to appear as Runner-up winner and favorite GADIS Covers 1995. Before appearing as a model of the Indonesian edition of Playboy magazine premiere on 7 April 2006, he had also appear as ads Mie Sedaap, Goldmart, and H & R. On the Seventh House in the film and that's Agency can be witnessed on the screen. He is also the patron berakting World Without Comma, Celebrities are also human, Lupus Millennium Development Goals II, Vanya, Bekisar Red, and the Great Feast.

He is also the presenter in the event By Request (SCTV), Party (single), LatiNight (MetroTV), Espresso (ANTV) degree Panco (single), and MTV Campus (MTV).

Private life

It ends with the Ferry Iskandar divorce. From this marriage birth of a child named Maghali Inala Netar. Ferry own Maghali is doubtful that results from their wedding. Questions children, Andhara stated that though he only knows that. He has been associated with the close relationship that Ariel band and a vocalist Peter Pan.

Andhara Early then married with Cesa David Luckmansyah. After almost a year together, he is married with Cesa first introduced to the journalists about the emergency celebrate the first anniversary of her son on 29 July 2006. Cesa done with her on 28 January 2007 at 0930 hrs WIB. Covenant marriage procession was conducted in Pendopo Kemang, Jalan Kemang Raya, South Jakarta. Mother and maternal uterus tirinya submit maskawin form of a prayer tool, a set of gold jewelry gems, and money worth Rp 2,812,007 in accordance with her time. Early marriages second after the break to claim Cesa divorce divorce in the PA in South Jakarta on 15 August 2008. [1] Rumor rift household hard blow since June 2008.

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