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Krisdayanti, often abbreviated or KD, Yanti and Kris (born in Malang, East Java, on 24 March 1975; age 33 years old) is an artist and singer Indonesia. Krisdayanti is the younger brother of the uterus singers Yuni Shara. [1] [2] [3] He is a child of the couple and Trenggono Rachma Widadiningsih. At the age of 9 years, he was accompanied to the song in the film Megaloman. Three years later, he made her first album, Bird-Bird of Night is a song suite from the film Note CyRus. Sitting on the bench Senior High School, Yanti participate in the singing competition and performance models. In 1991, he became finalists in the GADIS Covers, the women's contest. At that time also, he met James Sundah and record two songs for it. Thus, Yanti started receiving many invitations to sing and become a model.

Yanti met with Younky Soewarno and Chris Pattikawa. Through their direction, the events following the Asian Krisdayanti Good and sweep the final grand festival of Asia Bagus in Japan in 1992 [3] [4] [5]. Drawing kemenanganya in Asia Bagus, Krisdayanti recording the album in Singapore with the label Pony Canyon and then removing only a single outstanding in Singapore and Japan. [4] In 1997, Krisdayanti selected as "The Best of Asia Bagus" (The Best of Asia Bagus ). He also won several awards such as "Best Indonesian Album" in Malaysia in 1999, MTV video music awards also bestow the award with Krisdayanti "Most Wanted Male Artist" and "Video Indian Most Wanted." During 2004, he organized the eight-time concerts in various places, including in the international scene. [2] Song-players who always hits so often and make it as a concert stage termahal, even, Swa magazine writing their income in the year more than the salary of president Indonesia. [2] Krisdayanti into one of 6 women most luminous in the 1996 television version of Star tabloids Indonesia, and is also one of the 99 most influential women in the Indonesian version of the magazine Globe Asia in October 2007. He is now ranked 31 on the list. In fact, it is with Marilyn Monroe and Madonna as a local brand ambasador Sunsilk - "Spirit of Change" at the beginning of the year 2008. [6] Yanti is also a film star termahal in Indonesia. [7]

He is married with Anang Hermansyah, musicians from Jember, East Java. Household they have one sons and one daughter. Their household often attacked gossip about perselingkuhan, as rumored perselingkuhan with Dicky Wahyudi, guitarist University of Ulster, and Ari Sigit (grandson former President Soeharto). [2] [8] [9] All the gossip as stated by Krisdayanti and good relationship with her husband good-only.

Life and career

Childhood and early career

Krisdayanti born on 24 March 1975 in Malang, East Java, from the pair Trenggono (father) and Rachma Widadiningsih (mother). Yanti women have a sister, Yuni Shara, who is also a singer, and a younger woman, Kartika Sari (different fathers).

Since the small, Yanti have had a dream to become a singer and gotten off in front of the camera. [10] [11] When the age of 9 years, Krisdayanti counterpoint to the film Megaloman. And three years later, he made her first album titled Bird-Bird Night. The album is a song suite from the film Note CyRus.

Not only sing, Yanti also entered the world of endeavors, such as playing on one episode of a serial window We in the House episode "sweet girl in the Light" is displayed by TVRI in the 1980s-1990s.

At the start entering the Upper School, he participated in the various competitions and singing performance model. In 1991, he became finalists GADIS Covers. He also met with James Sundakh and record two songs for so many bids it received to become a model and sing.

Early popularity

In 1992, following the format of the Asia Krisdayanti Good. In the event, Yanti was felt minder and low self as it is only the clothes using trousers and jeans, while the other contestant impose dress berkilauan. [10] He also felt ashamed because posturnya less high, less beautiful face, and other shortcomings, and even he also feels he will not be successful on the field. [10] The start melejit when the first grand final win out in the festival, the Asia Bagus [5]. After a sweep Asia Bagus, he recorded the album in Singapore with the label Pony Canyon. He also released a single outstanding in only Singapore and Japan. Krisdayanti also find talent in the field of field of voice and then pull the switch from model to be singers. [10]
Anang Hermansyah, husband Krisdayanti.

Marriage with Anang

Yanti married with Anang Hermansyah, a musician origin of Jember, East Java, on 22 August 1996. When the new Krisdayanti aged 21 years. From this marriage they have two children, Titania Aurélie Nurhermansyah and Azriel Akbar Hermansyah. During a river craft wedding with Anang, Yanti often at night perselingkuhan awry, such as perselingkuhan with Dicky Wahyudi, guitarist University of Ulster, and Ari Sigit. Krisdayanti refutes all the gossip, gossip.

Anang and KD duet begins with a love story that is very romantic. Of their duet album, titled Love (1996), Anang made as a gift for the invitation to come to their wedding. After ten years old and married berduet in five albums, they love the beauty of travel finally made the album, entitled The First Ten Years. The album contains 14 songs that, 11 players taken from their five duet albums that have been outstanding and the songs are three new songs. [12]

Career 1997-present

Singing career

In 1997, Krisdayanti selected as "The Best of Asia Bagus" (The Best of Asia Bagus). He also won several awards such as "Best Indonesian Album" in Malaysia in 1999. And in the same year, the MTV video music awards bestow the award with Krisdayanti "Most Wanted Male Artist" and "Video Indian Most Wanted."

Since the album Calculating Day entry to Malaysia in 1998, Kris not only popular in Indonesia, but also in Southeast Asia. [13]

Not only KD own albums also received high appreciation to the whip to Quadruple Platinum album Love (duet with Anang, 1998) and also for the Double Platinum album Love, who still berduet with Anang. A year later, KD again awarded Double Platinum Award, this time by KD own solo album that I'd ask.

In 2001, Krisdayanti opened a single concert titled Concert perdananya KD in Plenary Hall, Jakarta Convention Center. Concert held on 20 September 2001 together with a concert Vanessa Mae, violis who now live in London. Musicians are descendants of Asian berpentas in a hotel in Jakarta. However, single concert Krisdayanti it can be said quite successful. The was supported by Erwin Gautawa as music directors and Penta, which previously had success in that concert and the concert Chrisye three super-band (TOOTH, Deity, and Slank). Director Jay whereas Subyakto's act as art. [14] [15]
Krisdayanti in concert Diva S.E.A. Jakarta in 2001.

Year 2004 can be considered as a year of success as a singer Krisdayanti. In this year, Yanti, which released the album Light music mixed with the touch of country music. [16] While busy promoting the album Lights in the country, Kris get the opportunity to run the concert in Singapore. Lights concert titled KD sponsored by Janner Siahaan Clay Production is the first visit Krisdayanti in Lion Country. In concert, held at Suntec International Convention Exhibition Center, Singapore, Saturday 27 June 2007, the KD Erwin Gautawa back together. Concert that was attended by around 2,500 people were stopped for 30 minutes because of technical reasons. However, in general, a concert to bring these 24 songs running successfully. [17] In addition to Singapore, KD also have the opportunity to undertake a concert in Tokyo Japan. And Erwin Gautawa still be pengiringnya. [18]

Lights albums entitled to get double-platinum sales on the achievement. In addition to the award of the sale of albums, Krisdayanti assessed as a top artist with a myriad of achievement, diabadikan as the name of the room by Planet Hollywood Cafe & Restaurant in Jakarta. The room was converted into a VIP lounge room special for all their memorabilia Krisdayanti way of life. Inauguration name into the VIP room Krisdayanti Room done simultaneously with the anniversary of-10 Planet Hollywood Jakarta. Name of the room will be changed each year depending on the selected artists from Planet Hollywood. Thus, the opportunity to maintain KD 'rooms' are still there. [19] For the third time, to reach KD get through AMI Awards 2004 album Light garapan Erwin Gautawa for Best Pop Album category. Previously, in the same arena, KD also been awarded a category similar to the album and album solonya Mencintaimu with duetnya Anang, forcing I love. [20] Starting in 2004, KD not get one award from SCTV Awards have been three previous years dikantongi routine. [21] In 2004, he organized the eight-time concerts in various places.

KD re-opened a single concert in 2005. Concert titled Concert KD 1530 is quite special, because it coincides with the held back a year to 30 years, on 24 March 2005. Not only that, the concert was held at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) is also a range of career mark entering the year to 15. As the first single concert, concerts are also cooperating Gautawa Erwin, as the music director and Jay Subiyakto's in the artistic. Concerts are held sesukses concert the previous four years, all tickets sold out, and the event runs smoothly. [22] [23] [24] In fact, in 2005, KD also scheduled concerts in South Korea, but I plan no say. [ 25] [22]

Kris degree "Best Female Artist" at the Planet Award Served to-8 years old in 2008. Krisdayanti successfully overcome Interest Citra Lestari and Sammy Kershaw. With this victory, Krisdayanti have seven successive years to obtain a degree in this arena Planet Served Award. [13] [26]

The main article for this section are: 3 Diva

After successfully undertake a single concert titled "KD 1530" back Krisdayanti with top Indonesian singer, Titi DJ and Shima with Gautawa as Erwin's music and Jay Subiyakto undertake a concert titled "3 DIVA" in 4 major cities of Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung and Denpasar. [27] After the success in Indonesia, 3, visited the company in Malaysia. Concert in Malaysia was held on 25 March 2007, and during the 3 Diva is still cooperating and Jay Erwin Gautawa Subiyakto. [28] After that, almost every 3 Diva manggung, Jay Erwin and will accompany them.
3 Diva: Shima, Titi Dwijayanti and Krisdayanti.

3 Diva also make an album together, titled All Be One (2006). This album contains songs is the 3 Diva at the concert.

Relations 3 Diva and Jay Erwin-start cracked at the end of the year 2007. At that time, 3 Diva contracted by the Gran Melia Hotel, South Jakarta to appear in the night going. However, the concert organizers do not successfully reach agreement with Erwin and Jay. 3 Diva concert at that time, assisted by Dian HP and a director. [29] [30] Several days after the concert progresses, and Jay Erwin Gautawa Subiyakto launched protests because of its 3 without appearing to include them. According to Erwin, 3 Diva is a joint project because it was founded by five persons, namely Titi DJ, Krisdayanti, Shima, Erwin, and Jay. Since the beginning, these agree to run together. Erwin not think they have the right to use the concept Diva 3. Erwin also protest the use of music aransemen brothers without requesting permission first. [31] [32]

After spend-to-day confrontation over the media and using various kinds of mediation, and finally 3 Diva Jay Erwin-peace. Contents of the agreement include: [33]

* Shima, KD, Titi DJ can continue to use the name 3 Diva
* 3 Diva can not wear aransemen and all the musical elements that have made Erwin Gautawa every show since February 2008
* KD Production Management, which handles 3 Diva must keep to its 3 does not use the name Erwin
* About the news spread of 2.25 billion for Erwin diklarifikasi immediately to the media, sought to make this issue a press release has been completed
* Erwin Gautawa and Jay Subiakto will not cooperate with 3 Diva in any form so as the vice

After no longer with Erwin-Jay, 3, and then change its logo to be DI3VA, by reading remains the same, 3 Diva. They also issued a mini-album titled DI3VA (2008) contains 3 songs, namely "A Lotta Love" (created by the entertainer Dwijayanti), "Adilkah This Untukku" (created by Icha part), and "strong" (Titi DJ and Anang). [34] [35]

On career

Besides playing in some endeavors, among others, Cemplon, When To provide When Receiving, Century 21, wife Options, I Doaku tooth aches, tooth aches Doaku II, stunned,, And I Award and the Duke, and Duke Award II, and Miracles of God, KD start the width of the screen debut in 2006 in the film Love Fall Again. In the movie garapan KD Production and MPV Pictures, the KD role as Lila, paired with Gary Iskak. [36]

Kris husband, Anang, Yanti to play against because he was the patron patron is time that the KD KD obligations as a housewife. [37] Mertua Krisdayanti also play against patron. [38] Therefore, Krisdayanti rest of the world.

Keartisan and image
Krisdayanti, Concert at the Suntec, Singapore, dated 26 June 2004.

Krisdayanti is one of the celebrities who often changed appearance and had become a trendsetter. [2] He carries the style of adult women are warm with long curly hair, hipster trousers, and tattooing eyebrows "nungging," which had become a trend. KD is very energetic and animate songs that dinyanyikannya, and several other artists also mimic or affected vocal style and bernyanyinya. [39]

Yanti also stumble beauty problems. He is charged memermak face. However, Kris disprove it, and pay 1 billion on anyone who can prove that himself memermak face. Kris also are accused of doing plastic surgery in almost all the important body. [40]

Other activities

He was to appear in the program MTV Icon. In addition, he also appears in the ad Barbie dolls, stars ad for GE Finance Master Card, the Mercedes Benz car, Bukrim, BCA magazine, as Singapore's ambassador to the slogan "Enjoy Jakarta", as well as Samsung's U.S. ambassador. Together with her husband, Anang, he never appear as icons of healthy family of Indonesia. Yanti also become a local brand ambasador Sunsilk - "Spirit of Change" and is with Marilyn Monroe and Madonna in the year 2008. [6]

Krisdayanti a guarantee if the country needs funds talangan. [41] Krisdayanti buy Retail Bonds at Country 10 million. Together with musician Dwiki Dharmawan, Krisdayanti appointed as a deputy in the celebrity event at the Selene Buying ORI Ministry of Finance, 29 February 2008. It is estimated the purchase not only KD 10 million, but more than that. He keep the amount of rest. He considers this is an opportunity for Indonesia to help the country. According to him, to borrow from overseas, it is better to borrow the citizens can afford.

In the political field, Krisdayanti diwacanakan as a candidate in Malang regent by the Golkar party for the election district of Malang 2010. [42]

Gossip perselingkuhan and divorce

In April 2003, Krisdayanti digosipkan have a relationship with guitarist University of Ulster. Gossip is emerging from the former driver and a new personality was at that time, Muhi Biantoro or Toro. [43] According to Toro, their relationship is not a working relationship, and dikabarkan have mutual infatuation. He memergoki Krisdayanti smooch and the University of Ulster. Toro even mentioned that the KD smth second child. Krisdayanti refutes the gossip. Result of this gossip, University of Ulster no longer extend contracts in the event KD Show. This is a request from Anang Hermansyah own. [44]

News that the first child Krisdayanti, Titania Aurelia Nurhermansyah, is a child of the results of the relationship with Ari Sigit appear in August 2005. I get by the former wife of Ari Sigit, Maya, in a media. When the media questioned this in the KD, he only just smile and quiet. [45]

In May 2007, found Krisdayanti lunch with a businessman in Orchard Road, Singapore. What's this Anang jealous and confiscate the phone selulernya because his wife received a call that is not fair in the middle of the night, even the early days. [43]

He also digosipkan berselingkuh with Dicky Wahyudi. Although rumored to overwrite Kris awry, he membantahnya and stated that her husband's relationship with the good only.

Krisdayanti mother, Rachma Widadiningsih, because the disease before the stroke affected by stroke, he consumed a lot of shrimp. [46] Rahma and then treated in the hospital, Abdi Waluyo, Menteng, Jakarta. [47] There is rumored that the disharmony Anang and Krisdayanti relationship is a cause of falling ill Rachma. [43] In fact, Anang and Krisdayanti Hermasyah dikabarkan divorce because they never come together to the hospital, Abdi Waluyo. [47] However, KD refutes the gossip. He admitted the relationship and thus the near Anang and enjoy the togetherness, before their wedding anniversary. [43]


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Gallery Picture Of Krisdayanti


KrisdayantiKrisdayanti on stage

KrisdayantiInterview with Krisdayanti

KrisdayantiKrisdayanti on stage

KrisdayantiKrisdayanti with black dress

KrisdayantiKrisdayanti Smile

KrisdayantiKrisdayanti on cover album

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Krisdayanti on stage

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