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Kinaryosih pictures

Kinaryosih (born in Jakarta, 3 March 1979; age 29 years old) is a model of the stage and Indonesia.

* 1 Biography
Rather * 2
* 3 Filmografi
* 4 Screening


Women are usually called Kinar to jump start the entertainment world stage through the ground water model. Became the first champion in 1997 Femina Face up on the previous world. Melejit name since her patron Marriage Sedarah production Multivision Plus. Rather dibintanginya which had, among other Disgusting Love, I Love You, Ristiana and TV Serial Singles.

Kinar get the opportunity to enter the world of the big screen in 2006, while also supporting the film "Betina" landing director Lola Amaria. Then the subsequent film "Alexandria" and "For Dangerman." Kinaryosih reach the image of trophies in 2006 female category adjuvant best player through the movie "For Dangerman."

Kinar is one contestant The Amazing Race Asia 2. Joint Kekasihnya, Brett Money, they represent Indonesia in The Amazing Race Asia 2. Brett & Kinar tereliminasi in the third episode.


* Romantika
* I Love You
* Disgusting Love
* Moon and Stars
* Marriage Sedarah
* Jamilah Binti Monday
* Girls Marathon
* Folklore Sand
* Cewekku Taxi Driver
* Boyfriend Celeb
* Ristiana
* Most Love Episode 2 Model the proud
* Singles TV Serial
* He is not Cinderella


* Alexandria (2006)
* Female (2006)
* Mendadak Dangdut (2006)
* Claudia / Jasmine (2008)
* Fiction (2008)

Gallery Picture Of Kinaryosih


KinaryosihKinaryosih on cover 1

KinaryosihKinaryosih on cover 2

Kinaryosihinterview with Kinaryosih


KinaryosihKinaryosih and Friend

Kinaryosih style

KinaryosihKinaryosih with evening dress

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