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Foto Annisa Bahar

Annisa Bahar
Dangduters Sexy With "Goyang patah-patah"

Annisa Bahar Dangdut singer renowned as the rocking 'broken-broken'. He is also famous as a singer on the controversial goyangannya, and to reject some of the appearance.

Annisa own wife is a police officer, Dian Fauzan ESHA Prasetya, who married on 17 July 2003. But Annisa previously been married to the man named Memo Sanjaya.

Memo Pernikahannya occurred with the end of 1989, when Anisa still sitting in the secondary. Marriage status and the existence of the two children had dibantahnya. Later known Annisa Memo has been married to the series was with two children, graceful and Juwita.

Now sister pedangdut uterus Dewinta Bahar has a son, Shakty Fani Pratama Setya of marriage is both.

Gallery Picture Of Annisa Bahar

Annisa BaharAnisa Bahar

Annisa BaharAnisa Bahar and family

Annisa BaharAnisa Bahar style 1

Annisa BaharAnissa Bahar style 2

Annisa Bahar
Anisa with hair

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