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Ardina Rasti pictures

R.A. Ardina Rasti Widiani (born in Jakarta, 6 January 1986) is a woman player in the bertinggi body 167 cm. Rasti is the child-to 2 of 2 with. He also had some of her endeavors in film land and water and had become a model of the video clip. It now meramabah it and have issued an album perdananya. Currently Rasti Central Wija love with Lucky, former vocalist music group Element.

* 1 Career
o 1.1 Re / television movie
o 1.2 Filmografi
o 1.3 Album
o 1.4 Ad
o 1.5 Video clip
* 2 Screening


Re / television movie

* FTV version of Ariel Peterpan (production dbb / Vertigo 2006)
* Naudzubilah Min Dzalik (production Garuda Film 2005)
* Sakaw Stars (production Inova 2005)


* There is Satan (2004)
* Virgin (2004)
* Me vs. High Heels (2005)
* KM 14 (2007)
* Running From Blora (2007)
* Suster N (2007)
Tunnel * Casablanca (2007)


* kangen (2007)


* H7R Print Ad
* Coffee Good Day TVC
* Candy dynamite

Video clip

* Tell Me With Beautiful (Peter Pan)

Gallery Picture Of Ardina Rasti

Ardina Rasti picturesArdina Rasti Smile

Ardina RastiArdina Rasti Widiani

Ardina Rastiimage Ardina Rasti

foto Ardina RastiArdina Rasti with black dress

Ardina RastiArdina rasti Smile 2

Ardina RastiArdina on Cover

Ardina RastiArdina On cover Lari Dari Blora

Ardina Rasti
Ardina In me vs high heels

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