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Bunga Zainal

Bunga Zainal has a full name Nurlaila Martha Sari Bunga Zainal Fazri born in akarta, 23 March 1987. bunga stars is the ad model, and also stars akting Indonesia. Own interest is Syafury and daughter pair Evi Zainal. He is the younger sister of Vicky Zainal, child number four of the six brothers.

Foto Bunga zaenal

Who is the first starring bungaa Zaenal is Sinetron CURI PANDANG CURI PERHATIAN, is starring in it together and Marini Zumarnis Derry Drajat.

Profil Bunga Zaenal
  • Full Name: Martha Nurlaila Sari Bunga Zainal Fazri
  • Nickname: Bunga Zainal
  • TTL: Jakarta, 23 March 1987
  • Zodiac: Aries
  • Father Name: Syafury
  • Mother's Name: Evi Zainal
  • To children: 4 out of 6 brothers
Koleksi foto Bunga Zaenal

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