Jumat, 26 Juni 2009

Profil Poppy Bunga

Poppy Bunga born in Jakarta, 26 October 1990 is the artist sinetron Indonesia. Young career in the entertainment world through the event Cover Girl Aneka 2004. Once selected to be one of the finalists, Poppy also got a variety of ads and bids sinetron. sinetronnya is entitled Kafir. Name poppy bunga popular after played sinetron Putri the show on SCTV as Lia. In 2009, the first film star Poppy, Bidadari Jakarta. In this film, Poppy even dare to show the scene when he was raped.

Di film ini, Poppy bahkan berani menunjukkan adegan ketika ia diperkosa.

Foto Poppy Bunga

In its poppy love life opportunity for a relationship with actor Dwi Andhika, but love this braided finally failed. and establish links with the presenter Mandala Shoji. Even they have had time to be living the same house. However, this relationship also eventually fail. This relationship ended in mid-January 2009. The cause of ending the relationship the two artists say this because Poppy

Photos intimate with Poppy Edwin Abeng was circulating on the outside early June 2009. However, both Poppy both Edwin rebut if they have a special relationship, their relationship just friends. To rebut this news, Poppy finally proclaim new paramour, Meidian Muladi Fasha, newcomers in the world of entertainment.

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