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Profil St 12 group band

ST 12 is music group is the flow of Malay music. ST 12 was established in Bandung by Ilham Febry/Pepep (drum), Dedy Sudrajat/Pepeng (guitar), Charly van Houten Muhammad/Charly (vokal), and Iman Rush (guitar).

St 12

Foto ST 12 group Band indonesia

Initially, the four personnel each other is not known, although they have been long working in the music world. They began to familiar often met after the rental studio in Station Road East 12, Bandung, property Pepep. They also finally officially established ST12 on 20 January 2005. ST12 is a name that's short Jl. No East station. 12 is the name of the father Pepep, Helmi Aziz.

Although all four of the flow has a different favorite music, like jazz Charly, Pepep like jazz and rock, while Pepeng grow with rock music, but they compromise to make ST12 beraliran wilt.

ST12 had released their first album through the independent (indie) because there is no label that would accommodate them. Unfortunately, in October 2005, when the album promotion tour in Semarang, Iman Rush died due to broken blood vessel in the brain.

Trinity Optima Production start ST12 look after the album first, BEST STREET (2005), to reach success. Second album, Puspa (2008) dedicated to Faith, the label released under the Trinity.

ST12 struggle that music wilt be 'king' in the country itself seems to start work out. In AMI Awards 2009 event which will take place on 24 April 2009, ST12 achieving 6 nominations, the category duo / collaboration / best group, best music Organized, new best of the best, the best album of the best, the best production work from the best .

Foto ST 12 group Band indonesia
St 12

St 12

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