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Profil Dinda Kanya Dewi

Dinda Kanya dewi born in Jakarta, 5 February 1987 is a model and actress of Indonesia. Dinda started his career as a finalist Girls Sampul 2002, he then dive in the world of the artist as star sinetron, FTV, ad model, model video clip Ungu, Samsons, Kahitna, Letto and Vagetoz. Daughter pairs and Surya Saputra Yudanagara Tuti Mutia Natadirja also penetrated the film to the big screen with a role in the film Kawin Kontrak.

Name Dinda start time is known as Isa, a simple village girl with a thick Sundanese dialect in the film Single CONTRACT (2008). In the same year, Dinda also play in Claudia / Jasmine (2008). In its love affair dinda had a relationship with Ricky Harun, After the embrace of Ricky Harun, Dinda still be menjomblo.

Wallpaper Dinda Kanya Dewi

According to him he did not specify the target for the love relationship. But apparently some of the criteria and the mather that must be met by prospective girlfriend. Not different and too ribet, he only wanted to have a boyfriend humorous and genuine.

At least a guy with a love sincere, Dinda akan beetle continues to await the coming, if not then he came even start the search. In addition to these characteristics girlfriend he hopes can soon also conquer the mother. And can still position himself as the young people who show decorum

However, the Dinda no longer own. He has a relationship with Aldi is not from the artist

Foto Dinda kanya dewi

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