Kamis, 11 Juni 2009

walpapers|Biografi Mitha The Virgin Band

Virgin Mitha The Band also had a call in with a Mitha The Rock Indonesia. Mitha first vowel sound does not seem on the position of guitarist in the band in TRI, but the entry formation Band The Virgin with the present song "Cinta terlarang", Mitha sound very very good ..

Profil of Mitha The Virgin Band
  • Full Name : Christawati Haryati Pramitha | Cameria Happy Pramita
  • Nickname : Mitha
  • Artist Name :Mitha The Virgin | Mitha The Rock Indonesia
  • Birth : Jakarta, 2 Jan 1986
  • Name of Mother : Emmy Sofyana
  • Hobbies: ngapain aja
  • Favorite Food: Bakso (meatball)
  • Favorite musical group: Muse
  • Most attractive Genre: anything at all ! Create mitha music are copyrighted works of beautiful, so all mitha like.
  • Position: guitar | vocalist
  • Group Band: The Rock Band Indonesia | The Virgin Band
  • Creation Mitha Song: Lagu Cinta Terlarang | Lagu Belahan Jiwa

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