Jumat, 19 Juni 2009

Manohara Odelia Pinot Main Sinitron

Manuhara cases after recognition of the mistreatment of her husband do in the (Prince Kelanta) now he will inform the main sinetron charge with a very high, its gossip reached Rp 2.5 M.

Home production SinemArt that it is reported willing to pay Rp 2.5 billion for the 25 main Manohara episode sinetron. That means, for one main episode sinetron, Manohara paid Rp 100 million.

When the gossip is confirmed, Abdul Aziz's public relations SinemArt disprove it. Rp 2.5 billion to pay too big a Manohara. Usually it is the amount of production costs to make one sinetron.

Aziz be confirmed, until now SinemArt parties have not made any agreement with Manohara. However

Profill Manohara
Kasus pemerkosaan manohara

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