Jumat, 19 Juni 2009

Kasus pemerkosaan Manohara Odelia Pinot

accompanied with the mother and the power law (Hotman Paris Hutapea), Manohara odelia pinot reported the rape of her husband (klantan prince) to the Police. Manohara himself said that never raped by the prince klantan in the luxury yacht owned by the Kingdom of klantan.

Foto Manohara bersama ibu dan pengacaranya time to pilisi

This is a process that continued manohara done to obtain justice and freedom from her husband. Because based on the fact that it was said by manohara, that has been tortured and often treated haphazardly by the husband.

"The investigation has been started today. From the beginning of the events received by Manohara," Hotman said before the examination.

Hotman make sure the police will review the news events in the case of full Manohara. For that, the Manohara akan submit all evidence, including pictures of injuries and used a boat owned ticket Manohara.

"We will also submit proof of 1 fruit per ticket ship date 18 November 2007 in which the first Manohara raped," Hotman said seriously.

Manohara main sinetron
Profil Manohara

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