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Ahmad Dhani

Ahmad Dhani Prasetyo (born in Surabaya, East Java, 26 May 1972; age 36 years old) or better known as Ahmad Dhani / Dhani Manaf is a musician, songwriter,'s music, and producers of Indonesia. Dhani is a leader of the group's board of the band, Dewa 19 and also personnel band The Rock. Dhani is also the owner and leader of the Republic of Love Management. Dhani has a lot of hits print and successful orbit a number of groups and singers such as Alex Artamevia, Ari Lasso, Tere, the Queen (now Duo Maia), Agnes Monica, Mulan Jameela, Dewi Dewi, Chrisye, Sophia Latjuba, Titi DJ, Krisdayanti, and other - other.

* 1 Travel Career
o 1.1 Dewa 19
o 1.2 Other Career
o The Rock 1.3
* 2 Life personal
* 3 discography
o 3.1 Dewa 19
o The Rock 3.2
o 3.3 Other Albums

Travel Career

Dewa 19

Talent music Dhani began to flare up when sitting on the bench 6 University of Surabaya. Dhani with 3 people friend Andra, Erwin Prasetya, and solving a problem, then establish the band DEWA in 1986. Dhani serves on the vocal and keyboard. He tergilanya in music, I rarely Dhani skip school just to gather friends together at DEWA to play a musical instrument in solving a problem in the complex area of Airlangga University. Dhani Menteng in the original point of rock, and then try to point jazz that followed the name change to become Gods Downbeat. Downbeat Shared, Dhani was sweep Youth Jazz Festival as East Java, the first champion Festival'90 or senior high school band II champion Djarum Super Fiesta Music. However, Dhani finally back to the point of rock and wave the flag Dewa 19 with additional Ari Lasso.

Because there is no adequate studio in Surabaya, in 1991 Ahmad Dhani fled to Jakarta to find companies that will be called the Gods 19. With capital available, Dhani turned jungle capital, gentayangan from a recording company to other companies to use the city bus. After a number of labels were rejected, eventually dhani dilirik by Jan Djuhana from Team Records. Dhani business is not futile, album of Dewa 19 (1992) with great success melejitnya a number of hits such as "passionate" and "The Middle Talks Again." This album was recorded as the album terlaris 1993 and Dewa Awarded as best newcomer. Success Dewa 19 in the next albums. Until now, no less than eleven albums have been released with the Gods Dhani, namely Dewa 19 (1992), format of the Future (1994), Best Best (1995), Thought Lima (1997), The Best Of Dewa 19 (1999), Five Stars (2000), Cintailah Love (2002), On the Name of Love I & II (2004), Borrowed Love (2004), Republic of Love (2006), and the Kingdom of Love (2007). Although some time has experienced personnel turnover, up to now Dewa 19 still exist in the world music scene.

Other Career

In addition to the active Dewa 19, Dhani also busy with other activities. In 1999, he had delivered Ahmad Band, which was known as the tembang "Kuldesak" and "I love you mom and He." In addition, Dhani also become memproduseri other artists besides Dewa 19. In 1999, he successfully toss the name of Reza Artamevia.

The Rock

Ranging from recording the album solonya in Australia, Dhani met with 4 members of the band Fire Shark, namely Mark Williams, Zachary Haidee-Keene, Michael Bennett, Clancy Alexander Tucker. From that meeting munculah ideas to collaborate in a music group. Dhani who have the intention to accept the invitation to go international and terbentuklah The Rock Fire Shark, which does not disperse and also not leave Dhani Dewa 19. In August 2007, was born the first album with the title of Rock Masters Mister Ahmad Dhani I print a single "Cinta Munajat."

Private life

Dhani Maia Estianty married in 1994, after a long time since the entwine love Dhani still in SMA 2 Surbaya. From their marriage, they both have 3 children. Dhani named their children according to the Sufi leader dikaguminya, namely, Ahmad Al-Gazali, El Jalaluddin is strong, and Ahmad Abdul Qodir Jaelani. Since the end of 2006, Dhani and his wife involved in scandals' Consequently inculpate 'that culminate in a divorce suit filed Maia. Household officially ended on 23 September 2008 at the South Jakarta Court of Religion.


Dewa 19

* Dewa 19 (1992)
* The format of the Future (1994)
* Best Best (1995)
* Five Thought (1997)
* The Best Of Dewa 19 (1999)
* Five Star (2000)
* Cintailah Love (2002)
* Top Name of Love (2004)
* Borrowed Love (2004)
* Republic of Love (2006)
* Kingdom of Love (2007)

The Rock

* Master Mister Ahmad Dhani I (2007)

Other Albums

* Kuldesak (1999) - Ahmad Band Together
* Best Of The Republic of Love Artists Vol. 1

Gallery Picture Of Ahmad Dhani

Ahmad DhaniAhmad Dhani

Ahmad DhaniAhmad Dhani and Maia

Ahmad DhaniAhmad Dhani and Wulan

Ahmad DhaniAhmad Dhani on cover

Ahmad DhaniAhmad Dhani on stage

Ahmad DhaniAhmad Dhani Smile

Ahmad Dhani
Ahmad Dhani talk

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