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Bernardus Ari Lasso, or better known by the name Ari Lasso (born in Madiun, East Java, 17 January 1973; age 35 years) is the Indonesian pop singer. He was recorded as a vocalist band Dewa 19 (1993-1997), which he eventually quit and a career as a soloist.

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Beginning his career

Ari was first established Outsider in the school band during high school with 2 Surabaya State intervention Juniarso (drummer Dewa) Piyu (guitarist Rice). Then he joined the Los Angels Band, which later became Boomerang.

He then joined the Down Beat, which later changed its name to Dewa, and changed again to Dewa 19. Band is a large, and almost setuap issued the album sold hundreds of thousands of copies. In the midst of a personnel kesibukannya Dewa, Ari successfully completing their studies in the Faculty of Economics, University of Airlangga (second paragraph), Surabaya.

Postgraduate Dewa 19

Since the release of the album Thought Lima in 1997, relations that are Christian nation, with Dewa 19 starts to worsen, especially when the nation began to use drugs and eventually issued by his criminal Dewa as members, and its position as a vocalist replaced by Once. However, Ari was a backing vocal track in the album would Roman Gods Five Stars.

After the official exit from the Gods, the nation began using the album solonya. Ari appears to return to the world of entertainment, along with Melly appear duet Goeslaw, then the most successful in the market. 2001 Ari first solo album to own past, which is also great success with tembang andalannya divine mystery. In this album he is assisted by Bebi Romeo, Erwin Dewa, Andra, Bimo, Bongky, Anto Vyas, Denny Chasmala, and Andi Rianto. 2003, he re-released two albums balance. On this album, he collaborates with musicians, great musicians such as Ahmad Dhani, Piyu (Rice), Andra (Dewa), Bebi Romeo, Ricky FM, Marshal (Dr. AM). Year 2004, he released three albums Kulihat, ok,'s where one of the players into movie sound tracks with a wide screen with the title, Pursuing the Sun.


Together Dewa 19

* Dewa 19 (1992)
* The format of the Future (1994)
* Best Best (1995)
* Five Thought (1997)
* The Best Of Dewa 19 [1999]

Solo Album

Previously Owned * (2001)
* Balance (2003)
* Kulihat, ok, Kurasa (2004)
* Always There (2006)
* The Best of (2007)

Gallery Picture Of Ari Lasso

Ari LassoAri Lasso and Bunga Citra Lestari

Ari LassoAri Lasso Style

Ari LassoAri Lasso on The Cover

Ari LassoAri Lasso On cover 2

Ari LassoAri Lasso own

Ari LassoAri Lasso award

Ari LassoAri Lasso on stage

Ari LassoAri Lasso style 2

Ari Lasso
Ari Lasso style 3

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