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Dea Ananda

Nadia Budi Ananda, known as Ananda Dhea born in Jakarta, 26 May 1986. Ivan is the star singer and patron of Indonesia.

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o 1.2 Period teenagers
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* 3 Presenter
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* 5 Album
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Ivan started his career as a singer since become a junior champion Stars Cilik II Festival in 1993. Ivan and dipertemukan with Affandy (champion I) and Leony (nominator) to form Trio Kwek Kwek. To hone his talent, Dhea practice in vocal processing Sanggar Seni Bina Voters who care by Elvas. Trio junior singers were launched 7 albums before finally dismissed when they were home grown. While still join the Trio Kwek Kwek, Dhea had launched a solo album spiritual. One of the songs in your album is "Heaven on foot Mother." Since more and more known name, bid to fill the other activities come. Among others he asked to become a presenter club Klib FAP (1996). Then in 1999 he trusted to be the presenter Be-Te.


When teenagers turn, Dhea the album again. In the album titled "16 Candles" is a song you're Dhea namely, "I, mom and He." The song is a reflection of personal experience Dhea while still high school.

As a former partner at Trio Kwek Kwek, Leony, Dhea career thus more concentrated in the art world role. First of two this headline a few days even play in the big screen in the movie "Ghost" the horror theme. Rather Dhea that starred, among others, Lupus Millennia, The Story of Love, First Night, Djail, The Story of the Day Sunday, Oaths, I HAVE Loe, and the Children's Sanctuary.

After high school, Dhea continue studying Chinese literature at the Faculty of the University of Indonesia. But the Dhea then moved to the Department of Psychology at one of the private universities because of lack of suitable majors with a previous study.


* Lupus Millennia
* Love Story
* First Night
* Love the Internet
* Soul Mate
* Djail
* The story in Sunday
* Kancil
* The Kupilih
* Oath, I HAVE Loe
* Children's Sanctuary
* Legend
* Penganten EXCELLENCE
* I try in the Rainbow 1
* I try in the Rainbow 2
* Arung


* Club Klib FAP (1996)
* Be-Te (1999)


* Ghost (2007)
* In The Name Of Love (2008)


* 16 Candles
* Lebaran
* 25 Prophet
* Rame - believes (1993, Trio Kwek - Kwek)
* All Yachting (1994, Trio Kwek - Kwek)
Do not Anger (1995, Trio Kwek - Kwek)
* Tanteku (1996, Trio Kwek - Kwek)
* Dance Samba (1997, Trio Kwek - Kwek)
* He (1998, Trio Kwek - Kwek)
* School Buses (2001, Trio Kwek - Kwek)


* Artists Rather Praised Film Festival in Bandung, 2004, patron Son Sanctuary (NTI)
* Artists favorite choice of readers INA 1999-2000
* Singer Group Child Award for Best Music Indonesia in 1999
* Artist most popular trio PWI 1998
* Artists PWI Idola 1998
* The most popular junior in 1997
* Singer Group / Trio children's best AMI 1997
* Award HDX Awards 1996
* Things I Competition for Primary Schools Concert Jakarta 1996
* HDW Trio Award 1996
* PKK Jakarta 1995
* Porseni Jakarta 1995
* Mother mattress 1994
* HDX Trio Award 1994
* Champions II Cilik Stars Festival 1993
* II champions coming Stars Cilik 1993
* Bank Danamon, 1993
* Song Asean in 1992
* Star Cilik 1992
* First Panasonic champions Song Festival 1991
* Panasonic Song 1991

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