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Indonesian Actress - Dian Sastrowardoyo

Starting his career in the entertainment world in 1996 as a champion 1 in place GADIS Covers held magazine girls. He was called a "national icon resurrection movies with friends in the movie AADC, Nicholas Saputra. Overdue first film Star (2000), Rudi Sujarwo paper, distributed on campuses and is not showing in theaters. In the movie, Dian compete on the Zalianty Marcella, Garry Iskak Birowo and Indra. The next film in 2001, Sand whisper menyandingkannya to compete on with Christine Hakim, Slamet Rahardjo and Didi Petet. Through this film, Dian has the best female player in the Singapore International Film Festival (2002) and the Asian Film Festival in Deauville, France (2002).

Dian also been a bearer events quiz Super Miliarder 3 billion on ANTV. Besides, she also had her TV series titled The World Without Comma in NTI

Personal Data

Dian was born in Jakarta on 16 March 1982 from the pair Ariawan Rusdianto Sastrowardoyo and Goddess Parvati Setyorini. Known as a talented stage with the full totality. Hobbies are reading, watching and all things related to art. Embrace Islam after becoming the Catholic. In addition to the stage as he ever has a rubric in girls, which the magazine called Word Dian, in the rubric he is funneling talent write and communicate with readers the magazine girl. He is a graduate majoring in philosophy FIBIE Lim.

Dian is a grandson of a national movement, Prof. Mr. Sunario Sastrowardoyo.


* Kindergarten: Don Bosco
* SD: SD Strada Van Lith II, a new Sawit, Jakarta
* Junior: junior Vincentius OTISTA, Jakarta
* Senior High: high school Tarakanita I, Pulo Raya, Jakarta
* S1: Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Literature, University of Indonesia (passed in July 2007)
* Before studying philosophy at the UI, Dian was studying at the Faculty of Law UI

Tahun Film Peran Catatan
2000 Bintang Jatuh Donna
2001 Pasir Berbisik Daya
2002 Ada Apa Dengan Cinta Cinta
2005 Banyu Biru Sula
Ungu Violet Kalin
Belahan Jiwa Cempaka
2006 Dunia Tanpa Koma Raya Maryadi


* 1996 Champions 1 GADIS Magazine Covers 1996 Girls
* 2002: Stars LUX 2002 from JWT AdForce-Unilever
* 2002:
o - Best Actress at the Deauville Asian Film Festival, France, in the film speak Sand
o - Best Actress at the Singapore International Film Festival to-15 in the film speak Sand
o - Actress Praised Film Festival in Bandung in the movie with Love There Is?
* 2004: Women's hero Best Film Festival Indonesia 2004, in the film There Is a Love?
* 2005: Talented Actress Film Festival in Asia Pacific, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Gallery Picture Of Dian SastroWardoyo

Dian SastrowardoyoDian Sastrowardoyo Feel Happy

Dian SastrowardoyoDian Sastrowardoyo With Smile

Dian SastrowardoyoDian Sastrowardoyo Holding The Hair

Dian SastrowardoyoDian Sastrowardoyo With Veil

Dian SastrowardoyoDian Sastrowardoyo Short Hair

Dian SastrowardoyoDian Sastrowardoyo With Green Dress

Dian SastrowardoyoDian Sastrowardoyo Keep Smile

Dian SastrowardoyoDian Sastrowardoyo In College

Dian SastrowardoyoMini Picture Of Dian Sastrowardoyo

Dian SastrowardoyoDian Sastrowardoyo With Smile

Dian SastrowardoyoDian Sastrowardoyo

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