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Alexandra Gottardo sexy pictures

Alexandra Gottardo, which usually called Ria or Xandra (born in Malang, East Java, 9 January 1985; age 23 years old) is a model, presenter, and the stage of Indonesia. The daughter of a single pair Carlo Gottardo and Banik Ekawati as patron of some other, and, because of Love, The Yoyo, The Spirit of Love, Love teens, forcing Unfortunately, Kundang matter, Intan, witch Love, Almighty Love, Love 2020, Sobrina, Roman would, and Women. Italian woman bleeding-on-the love Reggae and Latin music is also supporting the film Children of Borobudur and the Joint (2007). Alexandra is currently being traitors love with the former drummer group Dewa 19 Tyo Nugros.

* 1 Sinematografi
o 1.1 Film
o 1.2 Re
* 2 Screening



* Children of Borobudur (2007)
* Joint (2007)
* Husband-wife, husband Fearing The Movie (2008)


* And
* Because of Love
* The Yoyo
* The Spirit of Love
* Love Teen
* The Starting
* Matter Kundang
* Intan
* Witch Love
* Most of Love
* Love in 2020
* Lot!
* Roman would
* Women
* There Click Click Here
* Al-Kautsar
* Khanza

Gallery Picture Of Alexandra Gottardo

Alexandra Gottardo sexy picturesAlexandra sexy

Alexandra Gottardo hot picturesAlexandra style 1

Alexandra Gottardo sexy pictureAlexandra style 2

foto Alexandra GottardoAlexandra on cover

Alexandra GottardoAlexandra with evening dress

Alexandra Gottardo
Alexandra with pink dress

Alexandra GottardoAlexandra with pink dress 2

Alexandra Gottardo
Alexandra with black dress

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