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Foto Sexy Dewi Persik

Dewi Persik, which has the original name of the Great Goddess Murya (born in Jember, East Java, December 18, 1985; age 22 years old) is a singer Dangerman Indonesia. Daughter pair H. Moch adil (the father) and Hj. Sri Muna (the mother) is admitted to have Chinese ancestry from her grandmother.

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Goddess known as the international tembang Stars. Peach own name given by manajernya, Pak Yogi, that his career is shining like a peach fruit in China is seen as the fruit is luck. Patron goddess who once starred, among others, and sweet Legend Dream eps. Nyi Ronggeng. Dewi career but not always smooth. Goddess of the famous gergajinya with shaky start to get criticism of the action panggungnya the fun, and the clothes and minimal security. Dewi is the peak time after filling a birthdays FAP, which was held at Istora, 23 January 2008. Dewi chest suddenly be touched by a male. When the Goddess impose white tank top with a black stripe. Before touching the breast Goddess, men are fraudulent, surreptitious pictures purloin breast Goddess with the moment when the camera is busy section pedangdut interviewed. Gen. breast Goddess of public consumption is not new first occurred. In 2005, the turbulence shaking too 'hot' at an event SCTV, chest heave Goddess participate. Gen. it only lasts a few seconds. [1]

2008 also became the year "pencekalan" for and Dewi. Local government mencekal first appearance in the region is between the Government of Tangerang. Pecekalan is intended to avoid the vulnerability associated with social and Regulation (Regulation) Yes. 8 Year 2005 on the restriction of prostitution in the area. [2] Following the completion of Tangerang, Bandung Mayor also stated mencekal Dewi Persik, and also artists who goyangannya unreasonable (to orgasm). [3] Then, several other local governments to follow, such as, Mayor of Davao, [4] MUI South Sumatra, [5] Regent Sukabumi, [6] Regent Moyo, [7] and the mayor of Balikpapan. [8]

Unfortunately, the comments about the Goddess pencekalannya had even confuse atmosphere. Dewi is considered pencekalan restrain their freedom and it is part of character assassination and defamation against himself. Even when it Dewi Persik, the 'challenges' to prosecute those who memfitnahnya to the table of law. [9] Not only that, Dewi even hurl sentence suggestive' threat 'to the mayor of Tangerang. [10] controversy pencekalan that during the spend - day in the media attention from Menpora Adhiyaksa Dault and Minister of Women Empowerment, Meuthia Hatta. Menpora not even call him to ask the Goddess self-introspection. [11] [12] [13] Not how long, Dewi pleaded guilty and blunder, although it still will not change the oscillation erotisnya. [14]

Not only stage appearance Goddess reap the controversy, the film perdananya, String Pocong between interfaces is also considered too genitals and led to pornography. However, Dewi quibble that all the edges money. [15]

Private life
Dewi Persik smile

Dewi married with pedangdut Zane Jamil on 26 May 2005. They met in 2004 while appearing together in an event. Once married, was the goddess of fruits love with Saiful. [16] However, he experienced a miscarriage in November 2006. [17]

Say the new year with the sweetness of life, Saiful criticize his wife divorced in August 2006. [18] Perseteruan occurred in the household and Saiful Dewi Persik, eventually culminate peaceful. In a a press conference, Saiful states refer to the Goddess, after hearing their third divorce. [19] The case also reveals the long relationship with Saiful pedangdut Citra Yunita. [20]

Issues no strikes back pairing in this fasting month (September) in 2007. They have been separated dikabarkan house for three months. [21], after the case is not yet the household, Saiful grief back tuck. On Oct. 5, 2007, the mothers died. In 6 hours before the bottom last breath, Saiful has to divorce to the Goddess. [22] their case to the court any religion. Reasons for the proposal of a divorce is the same as the proposal of a divorce a year earlier, because that is open Pranowo dress is too tight and, Saiful want Sharia as a religious foundation. [23] After hearing a few times, Saiful and officially divorced Goddess stated on 14 January 2008. [24]


* String Pocong between (2008)
* Tiren: The security of the Dead (2008)
* My Jandamu Wait (2008)

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