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Inez Tagor pictures

Inez Tagor called full Tinezia Sri Cendani Tagor (born in Jakarta, 23 August 1973; age 35 years) star patron, model and television presenter. Women at 168 cm and religion of Islam is a finalist this was Putri Ayu 1992 and bearer Jelang Day events in the TV Transmigration.

Daughter pair off. H. Adi Tagor please Soemanti Tagor Harahap, and this started to modeling since the world is still sitting on the bench junior. Not only become a model, Inez also penetrated the world on. Bias is the first patron-Bias Kasih. Inez role as Nabila. Several days later, which starred French literature graduate of the UI, among others, Give Me Love and First Night.

Batak this bloody woman married to Adi Prabudi in 1999. From this marriage, they have sons named Adi Nugraha (normal disapa Aa), was born Oct. 4, 2000, and twin daughters who were given the name and Nabila Nadila (born 27 December 2006)

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* Bias-Bias Kasih
* Give Me Love
* First Night

Gallery Picture Of Inez Tagor

Inez TagorInez Tagor

Inez TagorInez Tagor style

Inez TagorInez Tagor with black dress

Inez TagorInez Tagor talk

Inez TagorInez Tagor with red dress

Inez Tagor

Inez Tagor with muslim clothing

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