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Vicky Shu - Sexy Kimono Picture Season

"Introvert Beauty Queen" VICKY SHU

"Beautiful, sexy, and full of talent. Who would not want to know more closer to her? Please welcome ... Vicky Shu!"

Vicky Shu’s love for shoes has made her into a success. Her brand, Syu Shu, is for footwear fiends who crave an edgy style at affordable prices. What’s remarkable about this shoe designer, who is also a musician, is that she uses music to inspire her killer heel designs. The shoemaster took time out of her busy schedule and told Tyara Putri the story behind her new line.

So you took the brave step of starting your own shoe line. What has been the most difficult part of getting this first collection from concept to completion?
The hardest part is figuring out how to introduce this brand that no one has ever heard of before and getting people to like it.

Do you have any background in design?
No, I’ve just loved to sketch shoes since elementary school. They’re not extraordinary sketches, but I put them into Photoshop and I can explore my ideas there.

When it comes to designing shoes, which comes first, style or comfort?
Style first.

Vicky Shu Kimono Picture Season

Vicky Shu - Sexy Kimono Picture Season

Vicky Shu - Sexy Kimono Picture Season

Vicky Shu - Sexy Kimono Picture Season

Hot Model - vicky shu

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