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Foto Angel Karamoy

Angelina Karamoy, known as the Angel Karamoy (born in Liverpool, 16 January 1987; the age of 21 years; usually called Angel) is a nation of Indonesia. Angel and the Christian religion is a player in the world on women in Indonesia. Angel is Yadika alumni from the SMU 5.

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* 2 Life personal
Rather * 3
* 4 Ads
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* 6 References


He was her patron Bidadari 3, Saras, in the eyes of 2, For Love, In the Heart of Pucuk, There Is With Rainbow, ABC & D, leaves dry leaves, Let Love Talk, foster child, Kala Cinta vamp, Kurindu Jiwaku, yet the World Calamity , Celeb I'm In Love, Almighty Love, Miracles and Real is.

From the patron-patron, the patron Bidadari 3 to make known the names public. Patron in the Bidadari 3, he replaced the position Marshanda as Joy. He also melejit in the ad Ovale, Homyped, Sido Rise, Hansaplast, Clear, Fres & Natural and candy-Hot Hot Pop. Angel and the bloody Kwangju had also launched a spiritual album titled "Miracles are Real."

Private life

He was engaged with Marsya Manopo, but the story asmaranya aground in the middle of the road. After the traitors love with Steven James Mc Rumangkang, men's age and origin Liverpool a few years older, married and then Angel on 26 January 2008. Steven had a previous girlfriend Maribeth and Angelina Sondakh. Wedding reception was held at Assembly Hall, Jakarta Convention Center (JCC). Besides President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and Vice President Jusuf Kalla, also attended the celebrity that berbaur in the middle around 4,000 guests. The reception was held for more than four-hour gala held by the concept of Winter of Love, which reportedly cost Rp2 billion. [1] With the all-white decor, carving ice block and snow that fall in the room were quite unique. Stage music CONCENT artist Shima as a penyanyinya. Together with partners, he catch a car that had management and President Sukarno. Angel birth to baby girls on 28 February 2008, a month after their wedding was held. [2] According to the accounts of the mother of Angel, they had been married in April 2007, the news and forced marriages are hidden because Angel is prohibited for pregnant and married by the first management. [3]


* Bidadari 3, NTI / Prod. Multivision Plus
* Saras, single / Prod. Single
* Rainbow in the eyes 2, NTI / Prod. Diwangkara
* For Love, NTI / Prod. SinemArt
* In the Heart of Pucuk,
* There Is With Rainbow,
* ABC & D, NTI
* Leaf Leaf Dry,
* Let Love Talk, Prod. Multivision Plus
* Foster child, SCTV / Prod. Multivision Plus
* By Love vamp, SCTV / Prod. Multivision Plus
* Kurindu Jiwaku, NTI / Prod. Multivision Plus
* The World Calamity Currently, G-Unit / Prod. Multivision Plus
* Celeb I'm In Love,
* Most of Love, SCTV / Prod. SinemArt
* Miracle That actual NTI / Prod. MNC Pictures


* Hot Hot Pop
* Hansaplast
* Fres & Natural
* Sido Rise
* Hansaplast
* Homyped
* Ovale
* Clear

Gallery Pictures Of Angel Karamoy

Foto Angel KaramoyAngel Karamoy and family

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Foto Angel KaramoyAngel Karamoy

Foto Angel KaramoyAngel Karamoy Smile 2

Angel KaramoyAngel karamoy with pink jacket

Angel KaramoyAngel Karamoy with black dress

Angel Karamoy
Angel Karamoy with black dress 2

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