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Foto Hot Pinkan Mambo di Majalah Popular

Pinkan Ratnasari Mambo or more knowledgeable Pinkan Mambo is pop singer from Manado, Sulawesi North birth of Jakarta, 11 November 1980

known as by Previous Pinkan of Ratu duo grup vokalis of with Maia Ahmad, what also Deity toll husband 19, Dhani Ahmad.Pinkan is dismissed, because reason of pregnancy outside marrying and then chosen to have solo career up to now

In its solo career of Pinkan have album AKU TAU RASANYA (2006) and caught up by album both WANITA TERINDAH (2008)

Meanwhile, nuptials of Pinkan with Sandy Sanjaya that goes on 30 April 2005, almost divorced, but then his husband abstract the procedure of diforce, cause consideration of their two child of Muhammad Alpha Rezel and Michelle Ashley Rezya which still requiring of existence of them.

Foto Hot Pinkan Mambo di Majalah Popular

Foto Hot Pinkan Mambo di Majalah Popular

Maybe your partner is more fond of her songs than you. But there is another side Pingkan Mambo that you can also enjoy.

Pace started when five years ago, Pingkan young and naive to come to Ahmad Dhani for a female vocalist. Maia Estianty Together, she formed a vocal group Ratu of directly successful since her first single, "I'm Okay". Unfortunately Pingkan presence in this group did not last long. Leave aside any of the Queen and start a solo career. "

Pinkan Mambo

Pinkan Mambo
Like all other personnel of the group Ratu, Pingkan Mambo is now steady and successful course solo. His second album, titled "Beautiful Women" was orbiting in the country music universe since the beginning of July. At the age of the more adult, now shows maturity and professionalism Pingkan amazing.

Pinkan Mambo

Pinkan Mambo wallpaper

foto hot Pinkan Mambo

can tell the concept of this album?

This second album. I still dual role as singer and as a producer with Mr. Yan Djoehana from Sony-BMG Entertainment. I am quite satisfied with my contribution to this album in progress. Starting from selecting the concept, plot, concept imagenya, social messages, and orientation which direction. This second album is very mature so we discuss and consider, in order not futile effort. Therefore, from choosing the songs, arranger, lyrics, video style clips, album covers, live performances, such as what, until launchingnya. Now we're look at the response to this album as well.

foto seksi Pinkan Mambo

Pinkan Mambo

The concept of a new image that is like what?

It made a little different this time. Why change? Yes, so that every album has a different color, like Britney Spears from the album's first to the last album was always different concepts. My wants are also in each of the album trying uuntuk displays a different image than the previous albums to create a different color but still Pingkan too. If the previous albums may be more girly, the new album is more elegant and sexy. My own music now age segment about high school or college age.

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