Kamis, 04 November 2010

Model Seksi Majalah Popular Adhee Whendy “Hot Lingerie Babe!

Adhee Whendy “HOT RUBBER BABE!”

Behind the seductive face, the woman who was elected the new spokesperson for a condom products are turned out to have worked outside the world's obsession with modeling. Interesting listening to how Adhee Whendy cultivate other sides of her personality, except of course very sensual curves of her body was.
As an ambassador one brand of condoms, do you also tried different variants of the condom products? Moreover there is a bonus ring shakes everything.
I'm not the kind of adventurous time yes, so I did not try everything. At least if you like the same guy to me, lol .. From everything I can, I love to cousins. Thus, if there is a need, just say so, I'll send.

Hot Lingerie Adhee Whendy

Sexy Lingerie Adhee Whendy

Adhee Whendy - Sexy Lingerie

Adhee Whendy - Hot LIngerie

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