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Olla Ramlan Sexy in Lingerie

It never occurred to small Olla, if someday he would jump into the entertainment world country. Because, at that time, Olla even aspire as lawyers and notaries, because it wants to please his father, H. Muhammad Ramlan.

Street life Ramlan owner's full name Febiolla this began to change, when an agency offered to do a magazine photo shoot in 'My friends', when the middle Olla walk in a mall, the mid-1990s ago.

Olla Ramlan sexy Lingerie

Olla Ramlan hot Lingerie

Gait buff silver, gold, black and white did not stop there. Since her first photo shoot, Olla began to frequent the offer of a shoot in the same magazine.

One of the elder brother of Olla, Lolitha Ramlan, tacitly submit forms on behalf of Alex Tian's wife, to follow the event, held elections Cover Girl Mode magazine years ago in 1997. In addition to successfully enter the ranks of finalists along with Shanty, Olla achievement as well as champion in the arena's Favorites.

foto Olla Ramlan Lingerie

Olla Ramlan Lingerie

Olla Ramlan Lingerie

One by one advertising offer and then come over to the mother of a son named Sean Michael Alexander is. Call it the ad 'Carefree', 'Good Time Cookies', to 'Nescafe' which made her face known to start many of people. No wonder when he then often greeted 'Morning Donna', on different occasions.

Thanks to advertising, too, the older sister Cynthia Ramlan was hired exclusively by parties Persari film, as the main role in the soap opera entitled 'Shakila'.

When a bright star began to brighten his career in the entertainment world, received a marriage proposal lover Alex Olla Tian, a Dutch man-blooded Spain and China, which could be a model of video clips of 'Eyes', owned by Titi DJ.

Olla Ramlan Lingerie

Olla Ramlan Seksi

Olla Ramlan Seksi

Many of these women who regretted the decision. Moreover, age was still 23 years old Olla at the time. The name of love, a woman born in Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan, February 15, 1980 it chose to leave the frenetic world of celebrities and a regular housewife.

After five years, more vacuum of Homeland entertainment universe, Olla try again plunge into the world of entertainment. Is the soap opera 'Woman' who became active again after the debut.

"So when exactly a newcomer, I've actually long. If you say the long, long time I've also not appear. So, what do yah?" she said, as she asked in return, to krosceknews.com, via phone, Monday (02/06) afternoon.

Currently, this chicken noodle enthusiasts enjoy the center's acting a chance to enjoy the world he left behind. Although she managed to bring the characters in soap operas Karina 'Cnta Beautiful', but, Olla not grandiose about his career day, "Go with it. Man can plan but God does."

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