Sabtu, 06 November 2010

Hot Model Nessie Yumiko

Nessie Yumiko "Threesome Adventure"

Oriental pretty-faced models this one has many great dreams. One of them is doing a threesome in a private island.

Full jokes and expressive, that first impression when POPULAR oriental models to meet this one. Familiarly called nessie, model-blooded Chinese cooperative Manado is very good at a photocall to the interview by POPULAR.

To shoot these oriental editions, nessie confessed always deg-deg-an and can not wait to see results. That he feels because he wanted to give the best for everything. "I really like my job, so I always tried hard to get good results," she said.

Hot Lingerie Model Nessie Yumiko

Hot Underwear Model Nessie Yumiko

Hot Model Nessie Yumiko

Hot Model Nessie Yumiko

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