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Indonesian Singer Dewi Sandra

Dewi Sandra Killick (born in Brazil, 3 April 1980; age 28 years old) is a player, presenters and performers of Indonesia. Dewi has a mixture of blood and the UK and Indonesia remain berkewarganegaraan Indonesia. The first is a husband actor named Surya Saputra. They later divorced and then married Goddess Glenn Fredly with the singer on 3 April 2006.


Dewi started his career in the entertainment world as a model in the teen-age years. Not only the world's model, and Dewi pull voice penetrated the world launched the album with dance together with eight other models. Feeling albums get a positive response from the market, Dewi released solo albums under perdananya in 1998. Followed by second album I Want More (2000). Who successfully awarded AMI Awards as the R & B Album Best 2001.

Besides singing, and daughter pair John Killick (UK) and Prihatini Killick (Betawi) is also go envisioned as a presenter. Kepiawaiannya driving events, bringing the Goddess awarded as the event Terfavorit Panasonic Women's Music Awards, for 5 consecutive years, from 1999-2003.

Women with a 165 cm high, we need two years to complete the third album, Kuakui released in 2004. Dewi is the third album as the previous two albums, Serious R & B. However, this time between the ethnic element in the album rekamannya. A gamelan music elements of Java and Bali. [1] In addition to the album, 2004 Goddess also surprising because the public is willing to become a model in the magazine FHM (For Him Magazine). In the edition of January 6, 2004, FHM photos that show the seven Goddess with the leader only wear in access, even one of the only display an image sportbra wear trousers and mini sport. [2]

In 2007, Dewi back to fourth album, titled Star. According to this album is an album that call 'to all the characters in the histories themselves. In the latest album, Goddess experiment with songs that vary from track up-beat to ballad, in accordance with the mood of dirasanya. [3]

Private life

Dewi married to actor Surya Saputra in 2000. When married with Surya, the confidence to follow her husband Dewi, Islam. I have been running a wedding 4 years, it can not be maintained. Surya cerainya enter a claim on 3 December 2004, [4], and they officially divorced on 16 February 2005. [5]

Approximately one year later, married Goddess Glenn Fredly with the singer. Marriage their dikabarkan cause controversy because they have confidence that their differences anut. Although dikabarkan then stated Goddess that he still Islam. [6] In addition, the reception-Glenn Goddess in the area tirtha at Bali Pecatu, South Kuta closed for journalists. Dozens of journalists who deliberately to Bali to cover their wedding reception should be forced disappointed. [7]

After several consecutive days to support, among other Lupus (1999) and I Love You (2002), in 2008 the width of the screen goddess go with her, XL, Between Me, mom and Mak eliot (2008). [8] After a long drive event , In 2008, Dewi host arena talent search American Idol.


* Under (1998)
* Not Want More (2000)
* My peers (2004)
* Star (2007)


* Leave-Compiling with the English model (1996)
* Dance - Compiling with the English model (1996)
* When I Fall In Love (Single duet with Glenn Fredly)
* Talks OST-XL, Between Me, mom and Mak eliot


* Lupus (1999)
* I Love You (2002)
* Witnessed the Moon (2003)


* XL, Between Me, mom and Mak eliot (2008)


* Rexona (Keti Dance Version)


* Bluntly (1998)
* Clear Top Ten (1999-2004)
* MTV / Guest VJ (1999)
* Date Express (1999)
* TXTC (1999)
* Host American Idol V (2008)


* Panasonic Award 1999 - 2003 (Best Female Presenter for artist of Clear Top Ten)
* AMI Award 2001 (Best R & B Album)
* Nomination for SCTV Award'2004 Category Best Female Artist Albums "Kuakui"
* FHM sexiest Male Artist 2004 (Number 1 in Ireland and the Number 7 in the world)
* Award Nomination for the Planet Served Singapore'2005 Category s best artists.
* Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Female 2007

Gallery Picture Of Dewi Sandra

Dewi SandraDewi Sandra a Modelling

Dewi SandraDewi Sandra Singing

Dewi SandraDewi Sandra Style Model

Dewi SandraDewi Sandra With Green Hat

Dewi SandraDewi Sandra With Purple dress

Dewi SandraDewi Sandra Model Style

Dewi SandraDewi Sandra With Vein

Dewi SandraDewi Sandra The Big Breast

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