Jumat, 05 November 2010

Putri Penelope Sexy Singer ( Putri Lana and Cinta Penelope )

Putri Penelope Biography :

Putri Penelope name lately become famous sounded after the fever "Keong Racun" hit Indonesia. Putri Penelope itself is actually a stage name given by Charly ST12, who became their producer. The name is taken from both its personnel, ie Putri Lana and Cinta Penelope. When taken before personnel first name is also the name of personnel behind the two, was born Putri Penelope.

This duo was formed not long ago actually, as recognized by its personnel, that less than one month they were together. Cinta, one of its personnel is an old friend Charly ST12. And when the song became one of the "Keong Racun" Indonesian public limelight, Charly choose Cinta and Putri to sing the song of this phenomenal.

"Keong Racun" own songs could be quite phenomenal because of the action duo Sinta and Jojo, teens who accidentally (for seeking popularity) to record their videos are actually demonstrating lipsync song sung by a dangdut singer named Lissa.

When this song became famous, Charly immediate purchase from the author of this song sung by the duo for beautiful women this choice. This one had to make a conflict, because the original singer Lissa's not involved at all.

Despite the unpleasant news continues to happen to this controversial song, but managed to carry out filming Putri Penelope video clip for this song. Sinta and Jojo who played a part in popularizing the "Keong Racun" model was chosen to be in this video.

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Putri Penelope

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